corrugated box design

How to Optimize Your Corrugated Box Design

In today’s competitive business environment, the design of your corrugated packaging matters more than you might think. Whether you’re a smaller business delivering products locally or a large corporation shipping goods worldwide, optimizing your corrugated box design can have a substantial impact on both your bottom line and customer satisfaction. You want to make sure […]

omnichannel packaging

Omnichannel Packaging: Adapting to E-commerce and Brick-and-Mortar Retail

In recent years, omnichannel commerce has been hailed as “the future of retail”. And the data backs up the claim. Studies have shown that omnichannel marketing can help a brand retain up to 89% of their customers, as opposed to only 33% for businesses that don’t use omnichannel initiatives. And according to one study, 9 […]

medical packaging supplies

Ensuring Safe Delivery with Corrugated Medical Packaging Supplies

When it comes to shipping products, few industries present more challenges than the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Between delicate medical devices and extremely sensitive medications, healthcare-based companies require medical packaging supplies that can provide protection during transportation, preserve product integrity, and enhance supply chain efficiency, all while reinforcing compliance with strict safety standards and regulations. […]

custom industrial packaging

Enhancing Operational Efficiency with Custom Industrial Packaging

Between ever-rising consumer demand and supply chain uncertainties, maximizing efficiency and speed are more important than ever for staying competitive in today’s business environment. Companies can do this by incorporating custom industrial packaging into their solutions. Custom industrial packaging is essential for storing and protecting products during shipping and warehousing, and it has become a […]