Shipping Made Affordable with Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated PackagingAs the price of raw materials like pulp and gasoline surge, labor shortages persist, manufacturing inefficiencies linger, and demand rises, it seems that higher packaging costs are inevitable. Despite ongoing supply chain stresses, Axis Corrugated remains committed to reducing the cost of your custom corrugated boxes. This includes eliminating fill voids, lowering shipping costs, and optimizing DIM factors.

With a lightweight and inexpensive shipping material, combined with supplier discounts, Axis can help keep costs down, allowing you to re-invest in growth.

Whether you need cost-effective industrial packaging that protects, eCommerce packaging that differentiates your brand, agricultural shipping boxes that keep produce fresh, shipping solutions for the next step in the manufacturing process, or pharmaceutical packaging that secures equipment and medicine, we refine your current system by suggesting, designing, and manufacturing best-fit custom corrugated boxes.  

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Custom Corrugated Boxes that Streamline Your Supply Chain

Corrugated PackagingThere are a number of factors that are contributing to supply chain inefficiencies, and customer dissatisfaction — and some of them you can control. These factors include poorly designed custom corrugated boxes that result in damage and returns, oversized packaging that compounds material waste, inefficient assembly processes and packing lines, excessive shipping costs, and simply using the wrong supplier.

A simple way to stay ahead of competitors, and reduce distribution time, is by minimizing these risks and taking the time to uncover ongoing inefficiencies with a packaging assessment

At Axis Corrugated Container, we have the custom design capabilities and dependable logistics to deliver consistent and fully customized solutions. With an enormous inventory of products, ample warehousing space, and a fleet of trucks, you can feel confident that your packaging will be efficiently managed and check off every item on your list of requirements. 

Just-In-Time Shipping and Vendor Managed Inventory

An effortless way to free up warehouse space and increase production is with just-in-time shipping and vendor managed inventory (VMI). ​​With VMI, you and your corrugated packaging vendor agree to a volume to keep in stock, and they will ship boxes to you as needed. If the company has its own fleet of trucks for delivery, you’ll operate with confidence that you will receive reliable, on-time deliveries.  

At Axis Corrugated, we have the capabilities to help you eliminate the burden of excess inventory and overstock. Purchase custom corrugated boxes only when needed and free up additional resources to compound growth. Additionally, if you ever need to make any abrupt changes to your graphic or structural designs, making the transition is smoother with less inventory on hand.

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Enhance Protection with Custom Corrugated Boxes

Custom Corrugated BoxesPackaging is never one-size-fits-all. Whether you ship by truck, rail, or sea, your products are subject to dropping, rough handling, and are prone to damage. Designing custom corrugated boxes with structural integrity in mind is a smart way to protect your investment. With a trusted supplier, you will always have numerous versatile solutions at your disposal to withstand any environment. With many solutions ranging from regular slotted containers to telescoping boxes, wrap-around boxes, and many more, it may be challenging to know where to start.

By considering your product size and weight and adjusting the liner, flute sizes, medium combinations, and inner materials, we can help you discover the appropriate balance between protection and price. If you are shipping large quantities, heavy items, or bulky products, and standard packaging isn’t enough, Axis Corrugated Container has robust industrial packaging services that ensure secure deliveries across long distances. 

Consistent Branding with Professional Custom Corrugated Boxes

Whether you are in the world of brick-and-mortar retailing or set up an eCommerce storefront to reach your customers online, delivering a uniform customer experience with custom corrugated packaging is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty. Corrugated boxes offer a blank canvas for your logo and artwork. Take the step to ensure every touchpoint leaves a meaningful mark by using boxes that clearly display your brand’s logo with high-precision flexographic printing

Whether you are looking to attract and engage customers, or print warnings, hazards, or color-coded tags for quick warehousing and distribution identification, we can seamlessly differentiate your packaging. 

Memorable and Durable Custom Corrugated Boxes

With more than 40 years of experience, Axis Corrugated Container is known to deliver on cost savings while providing quality corrugated boxes wholesale. As a privately held, American-owned company, we put a premium on exceptional customer service and guaranteed quality.  When it comes to shipping your products and delivering on your promises, never compromise on excellence, communication, customer service, and industry expertise. 

 A versatile and customizable solution, corrugated board is the most popular material used to help companies complete their logistics goals. Ensure your products withstand every touchpoint, tell the story of your brand with custom designs, and stay ahead of risks including rising costs and potential supply chain disruptions.  

When you’re looking for packaging solutions in agriculture, automotive, chemicals, metals, and more, minimize waste and ultimately reduce costs with custom corrugated boxes designed for your unique industry needs. Talk to our team today to achieve more with custom corrugated boxes.