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Quality Value Performance SealWith Quality, Value, and Performance as our mission, Axis produces millions of boxes with customer-satisfying, clean, straight folds, square corners and precise die cuts. We design our customers’ containers to reduce wasteful fill-voids often found with stock or traditional box products, ultimately helping you reduce costs. Our streamlined job workflow minimizes production costs, and speeds job processing plus our logistical prowess enables us to substantially reduce distribution time and costs.

AxisLocated in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, Axis Corrugated Container is strategically positioned to serve manufacturing, retail, health, distribution, agriculture, and food and beverage markets across the eastern half of the US.

Another reason customers look to Axis as their preferred corrugated box and display provider is our ability to respond quickly to urgent, last minute orders and to unusual, “out of the box” challenges. We also support many customers’ stock box needs, with just-in-time delivery and next day turnarounds. Our capabilities are what you might expect from a successful, contemporary box making enterprise like Axis.

ISTA labAxis is a conscientious and tireless advocate for the environment, maintaining a structured sustainability program that helps protect our water supply, recycles inks, corrugated scraps, plastics and other materials.

Also, our operation maintains strict ISTA compliance with testing of box products in our fully equipped ISTA lab.