Effectively Protect Rubber and Plastic Products with Custom Corrugated Packaging

Packaging plastic and rubber products is especially complex due to the varying range of shapes and sizes. Though tempting, it’s important not to take a one-size-fits-all mentality when deciding what packaging to use for your merchandise. Consider a custom corrugated cardboard solution for your rubber and plastic product packaging needs; it will help your company reduce logistics costs in the long run.

No matter how products are shipped, they’re subject to dropping, rough handling, and damage. Poorly designed or ill-fitting plastic and rubber product packaging results in damage, returns, unnecessary material waste, and cuts into profit margins. Corrugated cardboard packaging, with its high structural integrity, can protect your plastic and rubber products from harm. You can also print custom graphics on corrugated packaging, helping your brand stand out and connect on a deeper level with your consumer.

Starting the Custom Corrugated Packaging Process

At Axis Corrugated Container, we deliver consistent and fully customized solutions for our customers. We’ll design and manufacture packaging that eliminates fill voids, lowers shipping costs, and optimizes DIM factors. Solutions for rubber and plastic product packaging can range from regular slotted containers to telescoping boxes, wrap-around boxes, and more. We’ll help analyze your product size and weight and recommend the right liner, flute size, medium combinations, and inner materials to protect your merchandise.

Trust the Rubber and Plastic Product Packaging Experts

We provide reliable corrugated packaging and other innovative solutions coupled with fast response times and flexibility to help our customers meet their deadlines. With a vast inventory of products, abundant warehousing space, and a fleet of trucks, we efficiently manage packaging solutions and are a great resource to fulfill your needs.

We would be happy to help you design packaging to your specific requirements. Schedule a meeting with one of our team members to discuss your packaging needs.