Maximize Product Protection with Expert Industrial Packaging Services

When shipping large quantities, heavy items, or bulky products, and standard packaging isn’t enough, Axis Corrugated Container has robust industrial packaging services that simplify shipping, labeling, and storing. Safely transport and store your next shipment with an affordable, recyclable, and customizable solution — corrugated packaging, a high-performing material for a range of industrial goods.

Located in the Research Triangle region in North Carolina, Axis Corrugated has the boxing solution for a range of industrial goods produced by manufacturers and used by numerous industries nationwide including steel, automobile, industry parts, powders, liquids, glass and more. From chemicals to heavy machinery, with more than 40 years of experience, our industrial packaging services ensure your products follow industry standards and legal requirements.

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Highly Customizable Shipping Solutions with Industrial Packaging Services

As your packaging partner, our custom shipping box solutions ensure seamless transportation, storage, and delivery to secure crucial steps in your supply chain. Always deliver on what you promise with industrial packaging that is designed to hold large quantities of your product. A highly resilient solution, corrugated boxes come in a variety of industrial sizes. Ensure your hazardous, bulky, or delicate parts are secure with packaging that is developed to protect objects from bumps in the road or leakage during transit.

At Axis Corrugated Container, we have numerous industrial packaging services and solutions to ensure secure deliveries from point A to point B:

  • Triple-Wall Corrugated Produce Boxes that easily protect heavy, large, and delicate products with a highly durable heavy-duty triple-wall structure
  • Octagonal Containers that ship heavy bulk products including powders and liquids with an eight-sided box structure
  • Laminated Bulk Boxes that ensure your delicate materials withstand high temperatures, humidity, and other extreme conditions
  • Our Inner Pack Pieces and Forms include partitions, shells, and pads to cushion your product, reinforce your container, and add an extra layer of protection

Tested and Proven Industrial Packaging Services

You can always count on our ISTA testing lab to ensure your product is well protected. Our operations are in strict compliance with the testing of box products. From withstanding extreme conditions to stackability, your next industrial packaging solution always needs to offer more protection than standard packaging can provide. With top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment and years of industry experience, our experts ensure the right structural design for your product.

Eliminate Distribution Inefficiencies with Streamlined Industrial Packaging Services

Erasing unwanted costs by streamlining distribution is essential for any successful business. As your logistics partner, we are always improving our efficiencies to fulfill orders with no delay in our shipping, receiving, and warehousing areas. When it comes to industrial packaging services, trust a team that will reduce distribution time and can match any logistical challenges with an extensive fleet of trucks. We deliver products nationwide across all major cities and ensure your product arrives safely and as scheduled. Gain the trust and confidence of your customer with efficient packaging management, on-time deliveries, and save more knowing your products are delivered in excellent condition.

Simplify Production Planning with Reliable Industrial Packaging Services

Partnering with an American packaging supplier like Axis Corrugated Container quickly clears up supply chain concerns and simplifies production planning with our more than 40 years of experience. With custom and standard die-cut and specialty solutions, Axis Corrugated works with you to deliver on cost savings while providing the heavy-duty containers you need. When quality structural design and timely deliveries matter most, Axis Corrugated exceeds expectations in industrial packaging services, customer service, experience, and value.

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