A Guide to Shipping Chemicals Safely with Corrugated Industrial Chemical Packaging

Shipping chemicals domestically involves risks that need to be carefully managed to ensure safe transportation and handling. Shipping needs to be managed with great care to minimize risk — if improperly stored or packaged, these substances could cause serious harm and damage. Title 49 code of federal regulations controls the shipping, handling, and labeling protocols of hazardous materials. It is critical that your industrial chemical packaging design eliminates damage in transit, is safe to handle, and clearly communicates warnings.

If you are looking to minimize risk while delivering chemicals from A to B, we have numerous industrial packaging services and box types to ensure success.

What Products are Considered Hazardous?

Depending on the class, different regulations apply to the shipping, handling, packaging, and labeling of hazardous products. Before shipping your products, you need to check whether your chemical substances qualify as a hazardous good, and if so the type.

Common classifications include flammable liquids such as acetone, perfume, and ethanol, chemicals that combust when exposed to oxygen, corrosive substances (which can be liquid or solid), explosives including fireworks and live ammunition, any gas that has been compressed, and flammable solids. Understanding the type of product you are shipping can help you identify the industrial chemical packaging you need — and the partner that can deliver.

Identify the Right Shipping Partner for Chemical Products

Potentially dangerous substances require durable, high-performance industrial chemical packaging that ensures seamless transportation, storage, and delivery. At Axis Corrugated Container, our top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment and ISTA-tested industrial chemical packaging offer the support your products need. From Triple-Wall Corrugated Produce Boxes to Octagonal Containers, Laminated Bulk Boxes, and custom Inner Pack Pieces and Forms, there are numerous effective ways to protect heavy, large, and volatile chemical products.

Reduce Risks with Custom Industrial Chemical Packaging

Different substance classes and quantities may require custom outer packaging. It is essential for your packages to be built considering heat, weight, and risks including leakage and puncturing during transit. In addition to expert design, industrial chemical packaging needs to be labeled properly to ensure it is handled safely across every touchpoint. Your industrial chemical packaging should secure your chemical products — whether it be bumps in the road or turbulence in the air.

When standard packaging isn’t enough, Axis Corrugated Container has robust industrial chemical packaging services that simplify shipping, labeling, and storing.