Deliver Time-Sensitive Medicine Securely with Smart Pharmaceutical Packaging Design

Axis Corrugated Container recognizes that in many cases, pharmaceuticals are expensive, delicate, time-sensitive, and must be delivered reliably. Specialized medicine made for those with rare diseases, often shipped at low volumes, requires even more precautions when shipping. From insulated boxes to temperature-controlled packaging, accurate labeling, and impact control, our team brings more than 40 years of experience to every pharmaceutical packaging design. With no minimums, our team works with you to get your design right without the additional cost or hassle.

From biologicals, like vaccines, to prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medications such as vitamins and cough medicine, we have the pharmaceutical packaging design solutions for your product — whether it be a liquid, ointment, or solid. Your business and customers risk a lot when pharmaceutical packaging isn’t a top priority and some medications may even become ineffective or even harmful without the right shipping considerations. Fortunately, our packaging experts work directly with your company to determine the most protective and cost-effective solutions.

Are your pharmaceutical products in expert hands? Ship reliably today.

Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging Design Solutions

When you need to protect sensitive medications during shipping, there are multiple trusted structural solutions to turn to depending on your product. Whether your priority is to protect fragile items including vials or bottles, or to ensure they are ready for display upon delivery, our pharmaceutical packaging design team is ready to support you with a customized solution. Potential pharmaceutical packaging solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Foam inserts are added to provide enhanced protection for delicate items to prevent the leakage or breakage of glass vials and bottles
  • Box dividers are customized to prevent contact and cross-contamination across products, and when incorporated, ensure your products arrive undamaged
  • Regular slotted containers are a versatile packaging solution known to be durable, moisture resisting, and highly customizable for safe shipping
  • Get products on the shelf fast with counter displays that drive sales with custom graphics using our state-of-the-art Martin Midline 924 4-color Flexo Folder Gluer

Meet Set Standards with Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging Design

The right packaging is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to meeting the requirements for shipping pharmaceuticals. There are many federal and industry guidelines for pharmaceutical manufacturing, storage, and distribution. Ensure each of your products are stored separately, have suitable identification, and prevent mixups or cross-contamination with the right support. Always meet set standards, from packaging, labeling, and routine cleaning to keeping meticulous transportation records with an expert packaging partner.

Proper packaging and distribution are crucial to keeping your operations running smoothly. That is why we work closely with every client to ensure we are meeting every health and safety requirement with our streamlined process. With top-of-the-line equipment and years of industry experience, we are known to provide advanced, time-sensitive pharmaceutical packaging design solutions.

A Dependable Logistics Partner with Quick Turnarounds

Axis Corrugated is known to exceed expectations to help you meet changing demand. With an enormous inventory of corrugated boards and materials, we always fulfill turnaround quickly and have the flexibility to respond to urgent orders within 24 hours if needed. With just-in-time inventory management, experience the benefits of no minimums, additional cash flow, reduced overhead costs, and no wasted packaging materials. Ensure your customers get their pharmaceutical products on time with a recovery plan for added delivery security.

Get More From a Proven Pharmaceutical Packaging Partner in the Research Triangle Region

As a reliable U.S.-owned and operated supplier of pharmaceutical packaging, we remain on your side in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina region with affordable and steadfast solutions even as costs continue to rise. Supporting biotech and drug development companies in Research Triangle Park with drug delivery and packaging solutions to improve quality of life is what we do best.

At Axis Corrugated container, we continue to offer the best value and savings with enhanced protective packaging and shorter lead times. Mitigate the risks of shipping gone wrong with a custom pharmaceutical packaging design that ensures essential medications are stored correctly and arrive in patients’ hands as scheduled.

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