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We control the quality of our standard and custom shipping box products at all production stages, with infrastructural support, JIT packaging, and a dedicated team. Robust shipping capabilities complement our array of converting equipment, ensuring that your orders are shipped according to your specific requirements on time or ahead.


US JIT Packaging Solutions

Short Turnaround with Efficient Packaging Management

We maintain an enormous inventory of corrugated boards and materials in all weights and sizes that enables us to fulfill short turnaround and specialty orders with no delay. Our shipping, receiving and warehousing area can receive both international and domestic shipments.


Extensive Fleet of Trucks

Dependable JIT Packaging and Logistics Partner

AXIS’ extensive fleet of trucks delivers products across the US, routinely reaching all major cities, hubs and population centers. These assets are further bolstered with dependable logistics partners and corresponding horsepower for JIT packaging that meets every single shipping challenge our customers might have.

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