Rapid and Reliable Packaging for Manufacturers Nationwide

From industrial materials to consumer products, Axis Corrugated Containers spans multiple industries to deliver quality packaging for manufacturers nationwide. Your product faces many touchpoints before it finally hits store shelves, from aligning with the best packaging solution to palletizing, warehousing, loading, shipping long distances, unloading, and preparing for retail. Any inefficiency that manifests along the way is unwanted time added and money lost. By partnering with a proven packaging supplier, you’ll be prepared to meet demand efficiently and capitalize on peak months without costly interruptions.

We recognize that each organization has different optimization goals and every industry requires set shipping conditions for their products. From industrial parts to electronics, metals, glass, cement, pharmaceuticals, food products, medical equipment, chemicals, and more, we’ve partnered alongside numerous industries to develop packaging for manufacturers that gets the job done. Consult with shipping specialists with more than 40 years of experience for distribution solutions that are durable and align with safety best practices.

Facing a new distribution challenge and need a custom packaging solution? Speak with one of our packaging specialists today.

Trusted Solutions and Packaging for Manufacturers

Corrugated boxes are proven to be a versatile, durable, and cost-effective shipping solution for manufacturers across numerous industries. At Axis Corrugated Container, our in-house design team has CAD capabilities to accurately visualize your product with a 3D model. This enables our team to modify and optimize your custom boxing solution as details are finalized, resulting in fewer changes when produced. Ask us for samples of our custom packaging for manufacturers and explore more of our standard and custom packaging solutions.

  • Regular Slotted Containers are a versatile and durable packaging solution suited for transporting, protecting, and promoting goods of many shapes and sizes.
  • Benefit from extra strength with double-wall corrugated boxes built for high resistance and durability for bulk products across numerous industries.
  • Ship large and delicate products alike in triple-wall corrugated boxes, generally used for larger containers that can withstand heavier content loads.

A Holistic Approach to Packaging for Manufacturers

Poor material choices for your product packaging, excessive shipping costs, material waste, and damaged products not only hurt your business but your brand. Any barrier to reaching your customers negatively impacts your growth as you try to expand. Build up your reputation with our holistic approach to packaging for manufacturers. With our packaging assessment, re-evaluate packaging throughout the supply chain by identifying bottlenecks, including inefficient packing lines and unneeded boxing space, to pinpoint additional opportunities for cost savings.

Save More with Just-in-Time Packaging for Manufacturers

Reduce inventory and shorten lead time with JIT packaging and a dependable logistics partner that is proven to match any shipping challenge. Easily reduce inventory waste, decrease the cost of warehousing, and quickly respond to customer needs with a carefully tracked and organized system. Fulfill short turnaround orders without delay and take full advantage of our extensive fleet of trucks, extending to all major cities across the U.S.

As your local North Carolina supplier in the Research Triangle region, source packaging for manufacturers locally for an added advantage, further reducing transportation time. Grow your business to the next level with the additional cash flow that would otherwise be tied up in inventory and benefit from our extensive shipping and packaging capabilities.

Innovative Packaging Solutions for Any Industry

Axis Corrugated Container is committed to modernizing packaging for manufacturers across numerous industries, from industrial packing for heavy machinery to specialized solutions for temperamental pharmaceuticals. Whether it be through streamlined supply chain solutions or state-of-the-art equipment including the Martin Midline 924 4-color Flexo Folder Gluer, our team efficiently tackles any shipping challenge your industry is facing while taking packaging performance to new heights. Demonstrate your values by getting on board with a recyclable and environmentally friendly solution to all your packaging needs.

Does your packaging protect and reflect your products? Explore new ways to save with our packaging specialists.