Resilient Supply Chain and Healthcare Packaging Solutions

The search for resilience in the healthcare industry continues as hospitals and retailers alike continue to rethink supply chains, opting for reliable healthcare packaging solutions that mitigate the risk of future disruptions, with lower costs. Whether you are responsible for delivering heavy-duty equipment or bringing over-the-counter medications and devices from the hospital to the home, a successful delivery relies on custom healthcare packaging solutions backed by high standards and expert certifications.

As the U.S. population grows increasingly older, packaging and supply chain solutions will be needed to meet growing healthcare needs, from medical devices to pharmaceuticals. We understand that life-saving medicine is, in many cases, expensive, delicate, and time-sensitive, and must be delivered with the highest degree of care and consideration. At Axis Corrugated Container, we ensure your medical packaging provides the full protection demanded during transit while keeping other factors, like costs and sustainability, in mind. With healthcare packaging solutions that are tested in a fully equipped ISTA lab, you can rest assured you are in investing in reliable solutions and resilient supply chains. Ensures your facility always has the tools to provide world-class care or meet the growing demand for home treatments.

Protective and Product Driven Pharmaceutical Packaging

Innovative healthcare packaging solutions made it possible to deliver life-saving medical equipment domestically and internationally in times of global lockdowns and uncertainty. A versatile shipping solution, corrugated packaging is fully customizable with the capacity to meet the needs of temperature-sensitive medications, expensive medical devices, and sterile supplies. Whether you ship by truck, rail, sea, or with third-party logistics, it is imperative to partner with suppliers who know how to overcome shipping challenges with timely, custom structural design solutions optimized for durability, storage, loading space, easy identification, and end-user experience. We have years of experience providing reliable healthcare packaging solutions to get life-saving products into the right hands.

Ship Medical Devices with Confidence

When rethinking supply chains to ensure they are more stable and secure, shipping essential products securely plays a foundational role. Whether you are concerned about securing your investment, the numerous federal and industry guidelines, or preventing mix-ups with proper identification, your supplier should provide the design, printing, and industry advice to keep your packaging fully compliant. 

At Axis Corrugated Container, we recognize that healthcare packaging solutions should not only be product-centric but should factor in every step of the distribution process, from communicating essential information to handlers to adding the most value to consumers. Keeping operations running as they should requires quality and consistency at every level, guaranteed by professional executed healthcare packaging solutions.

Strategically Positioned to Provide Holistic Healthcare Packaging Solutions

As your Research Triangle packaging provider, Axis Corrugated Container is strategically positioned to confidently serve the local healthcare industry in North Carolina, from Charlotte to Raleigh, and beyond, reaching the Pacific Northwest. Backed by 40 years of shipping and packaging experience, and a fleet of trucks, we reduce inefficiencies, and wasted materials, with just-in-time packaging and short turnarounds. There is no easier way to reduce distribution risks than with a reliable partner with the flexibility and logistical infrastructure to respond to your needs. 

Protect Life-Saving Products with Professional Packaging

Whether you invest in protective healthcare packaging solutions, or not, depends on the level of risk you are willing to take. Our more than 40 years of industry experience enables us to deliver superior, cutting-edge medical device packaging solutions that meet the regulatory, time, and cost-related hurdles you face.

We understand that the manufacturing and delivery of products in the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries require the highest level of quality standards and certifications. As an American-owned and operated company, we fully control the quality of every box we manufacture at all production stages, so you can be assured your boxes will meet your standards, affordably and reliably. 

If you are ready to optimize healthcare packaging solutions, let our team help you discover new ways to reduce waste, and costs, today.