Ship Safely with Product-Specific Custom Boxes in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, North Carolina remains a center for wholesale distribution and retail shipping for electronic equipment, processed food, and more after attracting numerous manufacturers during World War II. As a local corrugated packaging manufacturer, Axis Corrugated Container ensures the fast-growing companies in North Carolina ship their products quickly and securely. With the most quality assured custom boxes Raleigh, NC has to offer, we help you overcome shipping challenges to ensure your products arrive as intended.

Get the Most Trusted Custom Boxes in Raleigh, NC to Protect your Product and Your Brand

Over 80% of customers claim they have returned an item because it arrived damaged or broken. Axis Corrugated container not only protects your investment, but also your business and brand from the negative reviews that come with broken products. When you pour resources into your product, custom boxes are the best way to secure repeat customers, word of mouth marketing, and a return on investment. We understand the unique challenges facing eCommerce, produce and agriculture, and more, and are ready to protect your product and brand with custom-designed packaging solutions.

Structurally Sound Packaging

Ensure your packaging material, structure, and shape are the right choice to safely transport your product based on its fragility, weight, and more.

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Reduce Waste

Our facility is committed to reducing environmental waste and identifying opportunities, from conservation to recycling inks, corrugated debris, and plastics, among other materials. 

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Budget Saving Solutions

Our packaging experts work with you to minimize costs from every angle — from reducing box size or making more realistic estimates for your needs.

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Reduce Distribution Risks with Custom Boxes in Raleigh, NC

Potential shipping and packaging risks can take the form of increasing material costs, ineffective and costly shipping solutions, dissatisfied customers, a ruined reputation, and negative environmental impact. Taking the time with a proven distribution partner to reduce inefficiencies, waste, and rethink supply chain challenges will lead to positive long-lasting changes and returns.

We proudly engineer, design, produce, and distribute a variety of custom corrugated packaging solutions for multiple markets in North Carolina. With over 40 years of shipping and packaging experience, we navigate you through everything from minimizing packaging costs to graphics and printing and structural box design for your needs.

Holistic Packaging and Supply Chain Solutions in Raleigh, NC

From retailers attracting customers with visual appeal to booming eCommerce businesses looking for sturdy solutions that withstand transportation, Axis Corrugated has the most quality-assured corrugated boxes Raleigh, NC has to offer.

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