Maximize Efficiency with Packaging Solutions Delivered As Needed and On Time

Just-in-Time (JIT) shipping is a logistics strategy that enables businesses to receive and move goods when and as they are needed. It has become essential to maintaining a modern inventory management system and a robust and agile supply chain. Especially important for reliable packaging solutions, JIT shipping supports your business in the consistent and efficient delivery of products to your own customers by providing the inventory you need when you need it.

JIT shipping involves coordinating the delivery of goods from suppliers so that they arrive at a manufacturing or distribution center when they are needed, which reduces the need to keep a large inventory on hand and cuts down significantly on storage requirements.

In today’s fast-paced world, JIT shipping relies on state-of-the-art technology and real-time data analytics to forecast demand and coordinate shipping schedules. By utilizing tools such as electronic data interchange (EDI), your business can communicate with your packaging supplier to allow for seamless communication and reliable inventory delivery that allows you to keep your business operating at optimum efficiency.

What are the Benefits of JIT Shipping?

When the required coordination and collaboration is in place between you and your packaging supplier, JIT shipping:

  • Shortens lead times and enables faster order fulfillment — By aligning the delivery of your packaging with your production schedule, JIT significantly reduces delays and minimizes the time that products spend in transit or in storage. This supports faster order fulfillment and minimizes the risks of stockouts so you can continue to build trust with your customers.
  • Reduces costs related to storage and material waste — Without excess packaging inventory, your business can free up warehouse space or reduce your storage space altogether. Not only does this save on storage and handling costs, but it also minimizes the risk of product loss due to packaging damage or expiration. When you only pay for the packaging you need, you free up financial resources that can go back into your business in more profitable ways.
  • Improves supply chain performance and competitiveness — By reducing costs related to inventory and storage and improving efficiency, you can lower your overall operating costs and increase profitability. Improved customer satisfaction from timely order fulfillments can contribute to an increase in sales and market share. Companies that take advantage of JIT shipping also frequently build closer relationships with their packaging suppliers, supporting a level of communication and coordination that allows your business to remain limber and responsive to shifts in customer demands and market conditions.

How JIT Shipping Works with Axis Corrugated Container

With our robust fleet of delivery trucks and highly experienced logistics partners, Axis Corrugated Container provides JIT shipping services at the highest level. We’ll work with you to establish open, consistent lines of communication and information-sharing to ensure that your customized packaging solutions are delivered on or ahead of time and as needed.

We remain committed to providing a level of service and flexibility that works with any changes to your packaging inventory needs, including specialized orders and short turnaround fulfillment. With our custom design services, quality control measures, and dedicated team of packaging specialists for both brown box and corrugated packaging, Axis Corrugated Container is a dependable packaging and logistics partner ready to meet your every shipping challenge.

Get in touch today to learn more about JIT shipping and our other packaging services.