Automotive Packaging

The global automotive industry relies on key players like the United States to fuel the manufacturing supply chain with quality American-made parts. With the automobile industry accounting for over 40% of worldwide industrial packaging, more automotive packaging options are needed to fit your current and growing needs. To keep up with demand, your automotive packaging supplier should always optimize your packaging to ship more parts in the same amount of space, mitigate supply chain shocks, and spearhead innovation with sustainable and efficient packaging solutions. The longer the distribution channel, the more reliable your containers, and your partner needs to be.  

From replaceable parts to heavy engines and fragile mechanical components, at Axis Corrugated Container, we help you face any ongoing shipping challenge with custom automotive packaging that better responds to the needs and opportunities of the changing global automobile industry. For automobile manufacturers looking for versatile, durable, and cost-effective shipping solutions, we offer a holistic approach to support your manufacturing transport needs to safely deliver your products to the next step in the supply chain.

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Protective Automotive Packaging Design Solutions

From the engines to exhaust systems, headlights, bumpers, coils, and more, there are hundreds of automobile parts that are transported over long distances, often overseas, to manufacture the final product. To ensure optimal quality, and safety, of the final product, expert automotive packaging solutions are required to safeguard parts against shipping challenges based on space, size, weight, fragility, and more. At Axis Corrugated Container, we evaluate your current packaging challenges and innovate solutions to ensure your automobile parts arrive in pristine condition.

At Axis Corrugated Container, our well-engineered automotive packaging is made from top-quality corrugated materials known for their high impact resistance. From the outside all the way in, we ensure your packaging will perform by adjusting flute profiles and determining whether your product requires a multi-layer solution, as well as by considering the inner pack pieces and forms it may require. Our lightweight material protects your product from any rough handling, shifting, and vibrations, and assists in reinforcing your container.

Ultimate Product Protection Meets Effective Cost Reduction

Your automotive engineer, shipping manager, marketing team, and end-user all have a vested interest and concerns surrounding product protection, controlling costs, branding, and delivery speed. At Axis Corrugated Container, we optimize your automotive packaging to bring the best of both worlds. We take the time to bring inefficiencies to light, whether it be helping you consider factors that contribute to higher costs, re-evaluating the packaging supply chain, or helping you identify what you really need from a vendor. From solidifying your package structure to making better material choices, we offer solutions that are investments in your product, brand, and reputation that pay off long-term.

Deliver Reliably with an Expert Industrial Packaging Partner

With custom and standard die-cut and specialty solutions, Axis Corrugated partners with you to deliver on cost savings while providing the heavy-duty container you need. Siding with an American packaging supplier experienced in industrial packaging ensures your product withstands the trials and tribulations of every touchpoint in your supply chain. When it comes to securing a global network, never compromise on the level of communication, customer service, and expertise receive.

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