Better Manage Costs with Bulk Brown Box Packaging

Whether you are tasked with the direct delivery of USDA food products and meat, eCommerce products, healthcare products, or a variety of industrial products, your packaging decision reflects your brand values and should help you fulfill your promise to your end customer. Fortunately, corrugated continues to be the best choice for durable, lightweight, and cost-effective packaging that withstands product demands including storage and long distance shipping and handling.

When shipping large quantities, heavy items, or time sensitive products, you might find that standard packaging isn’t enough. With the right partner, custom brown box packaging can combine the best of sustainability, durable design, low price, function, and quality. As the price of packaging products and materials increases, it is time to create custom fit packaging solutions tailored to your shipping, receiving, and warehousing areas. Are you unsure how to battle rising packaging and material costs? Find the next best opportunity for you with brown box packaging and custom fit distribution solutions.

Is it Better to Buy Brown Box Packaging in Bulk?

While distribution centers may be tempted to purchase brown box packaging in bulk, there are many considerations to keep in mind. Purchasing in bulk will give you a price break, and allow you to benefit from economies of scale. If you buy more packaging than you can use, however, you then must be able to store them, which may necessitate more storage space and add to your overall costs.

If you are considering bulk packaging but don’t want to deal with inventory management or deteriorating packaging material, you might want to consider a packaging partner with the logistical prowess to deliver JIT (just in time) packaging. At Axis Corrugated, we have the capacity to store the inventory for you — and fulfill brown box packaging orders with no delay. Located in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, Axis Corrugated Container is strategically positioned to serve markets across the eastern half of the US.

Reduce Waste — and Cut Costs — With Right Size Packaging

Bigger packaging doesn’t always correlate to better product protection; in fact it can result in large void spaces to fill, excess packaging material, added weight, and extra costs. By opting in for medium size boxes over larger ones, not only do you save money and appeal to end users, but you maximize your sustainability efforts as well. Even better, right size brown box packaging fits your product, addresses shipping needs, and improves truck load utilization all without sacrificing quality.

Create a Custom Packaging Design with Sustainability in Mind

It is no secret that adding costly finishes to packaging negatively impacts how easily it can be recycled. Brown recycled packaging will continue to appeal to eco-conscious customers and brands. By sticking to brown box packaging and ordering in bulk, you can easily achieve sustainability goals while remaining profitable. If you are searching for a catalyst for change, there is no better shipping solution for the planet or your bottom line. Learn how to meet your new logistics goals with a sustainable and versatile shipping solution by talking to our qualified team today.