Better Manage Rising Costs with Wholesale Cardboard Boxes

wholesale cardboard boxes

As shipping grows as an integral part of everyday business, you can better manage the costs of wholesale cardboard boxes by investing in the right supplier relationship. Delivery speed and rates will only continue to play a larger role in everyday buying decisions. When improperly managed, higher costs and delays on wholesale orders will lead more prospects to abandon their cart.

As you may already know, reducing your shipping and corrugated packaging costs is much more complex than securing the lowest quote. There are a number of ways to better manage your shipping costs — from securing quality materials to reassessing needed packing supplies. One aspect you may have never considered, however, is your current packaging supplier.

Discover a number of ways to lower your shipping costs below — and uncover why having the right partner makes all the difference. Ready to keep wholesale shipping costs down? Get a head start by contacting our team today.

Wholesale Cardboard Boxes Compared to Corrugated Boxes

Are you looking to order packaging in bulk — but unsure of the difference between cardboard and corrugated boxes? Finding the best shipping and storage solution for your product and industry should be a breeze. For packaging that withstands product demands, storing, shipping, and retail displays, there are a few reasons why corrugated board rises above the rest.

Compared to wholesale cardboard boxes, corrugated is a higher quality, lightweight, and inexpensive material that drives costs down. With the flexibility to be manufactured in numerous shapes and widths, wholesale corrugated boxes give your business more control over the distribution process. Wholesale cardboard boxes, on the other hand, are not as not impact-resistant and are not recommended for wholesale shipping. They are, however, an effective solution for box inserts or shipping small mail items.

Discover New Ways to Save More with Wholesale Packaging

It’s no secret wholesale shipping rates have been greatly impacted by supply chain disruptions, shipping bottlenecks, and growing demand for container space. When it comes to wholesale shipping, there are a few things you can do to optimize cash flow.

Ordering only what you need with just-in-time delivery is a great way to start increasing working capital by first eliminating unnecessary inventory and freeing up warehouse space. High costs and risks continue to be associated with maintaining packaging inventory — from additional management to storing material. Discover a few new ways to save more with corrugated when compared to wholesale cardboard boxes:

Durability and Quality

Using quality corrugated materials in your packaging directly influences its strength and stackability. Corrugated boxes withstand severe wear and tear when compared to wholesale cardboard boxes — and come with single-walled, double-walled and triple-wall options. Being able to fully customize your wholesale packaging with an industry specialist helps you prevent product damage and effectively manage shipping costs long-term.

If you have experienced a number of damaged goods with packaging partners outside of the U.S., it may be the quality board other manufacturers use. It is not uncommon to find boxes made from other kinds of pulp like bamboo or rice — or with a high percentage of poorly recycled fibers. Whether you need industrial-grade shipping or effective eCommerce solutions, you should side with an ISTA-compliant partner committed to packaging integrity.

Complete Customization and Cost Effectiveness

Many companies still ship in standard wholesale cardboard boxes that do not fit their products, leaving unnecessary space that must be filled with shipping supplies. Not only does this add additional material and transportation costs, but this added material negatively impacts the unboxing experience and is environmentally detrimental.

Die-cuts, custom opening folds and flaps, and other customizations enable a more unique user experience and design. With the right packaging partner, you are even able to customize for cost savings and waste reduction, without making any aesthetic compromises. From design to print, there are a number of ways corrugated packaging can continue to be cost-effective with top-of-the-line capabilities.

Lightweight and Flexible — At the Same Weight

When it comes to new product packaging, maximum cost-efficiency must meet heightened product protection. Corrugated packaging offers the additional product protection you need — without the unnecessary weight and costs. Combining this lightweight material with innovative packaging designs eliminates the risk of overpacking.

At Axis Corrugated Container, we specialize in market-specific corrugated packaging. If your current solution is costly or inefficient, we can evaluate and refine your packaging for your product and industry specifications.

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Small packaging inefficiencies add up. Discover new ways to reduce distribution time and costs with quality corrugated packaging, custom solutions, and a proven packaging partner. If there are elements in your supply chain that are holding you back, we have the capabilities and industry expertise at Axis to guide you through.

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