Corrugated Packaging Solutions

Axis Corrugated Container’s mission is to become our customers’ core resource for full packaging solutions that resolve their industry-specific challenges and container needs. Our commitment to our customers drives our business and puts us in the position to support their growth.

Chief among our commitments are:

Cost-Effective Solutions for High-Volume Orders

At Axis Corrugated Container, we specialize in high-volume, market-specific corrugated packaging. If your current solution is costly or inefficient, we can refine your packaging to meet product, industry, retailer, and supply chain specifications. If you are battling rising shipping costs, learn new ways to save more with bulk and wholesale packaging or reach out to our team directly.


Quality Packaging Solutions

Market-Specific Corrugated Packaging Solutions

Distribution centers and manufacturers across various industries turn to Axis for dependable stock and custom cartons, boxes, and displays. Box solutions range from food and beverage to various types of agriculture and produce, industrial products, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, appliances, furniture, and wholesale solutions across retailers including brick-and-mortar and eCommerce enterprises.

Quick Packaging SolutionsIf your needs call for in-stock shipping boxes we have them — or can make them fast. If you have a new box challenge or believe your current box solution is inefficient, our team can help there, too. Unsure of the box type that best suits your application? We can evaluate, consult, rework, and refine your current packaging by designing and manufacturing custom solutions that include, among others:

Design and Packaging Solutions

Corrugated Container Products

Regular Slotted Containers (RSC)

Regular slotted containers (RSC) have two pairs of flaps on each end: two short inner flaps and two long outer flaps. The two outer flaps meet in the middle, allowing users to tape the top and bottom shut. Due to their strength, pliability, and moisture resistance, they are a highly versatile packaging option. They are well-suited for transporting, protecting, and promoting goods of many shapes and sizes.

Half-Slotted Containers (HSC)

Half-slotted containers (HSC) are similar to RSCs. However, they only have flaps on the bottom, which leaves their tops open unless they come with lids. This design difference makes this packaging option better suited for transporting goods over short distances.

Full Overlap Slotted Containers (FOSC)

Similar to RSCs, full overlap slotted containers also have two pairs of flaps on each end. However, the long outer flaps overlap each other rather than meeting in the middle of the container. This design offers greater strength than the design of RSCs, making FOSCs ideal for packaging operations that required enhanced protection and cushioning.

Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes

Auto-lock bottom boxes are heavy-duty folding cartons that feature a bottom that automatically locks when the container is assembled. They generally ship flat to save on shipping space and costs. As they can be easily customized, they are a popular packaging option for retail products.

Telescope-Type Boxes

Telescope-type boxes consist of two separate components: a top component and a bottom component. The top fits completely and snugly over the bottom, which provides extra strength and thickness on all sides. This type of packaging is often used for taller, larger, or heavier items.

Multi-Depth Boxes

Multi-depth boxes have premade scores on each side that enable users to cut the container to their desired height. A single box can be assembled in up to four different sizes. This is ideal for packaging operations that may require different box sizes as packagers can order a single box type instead of multiple types.

Five-Panel Folder (FPF) Boxes

Five-panel folder boxes are cut and scored from a single piece of corrugated material. They have five panel sections, one of which is used to close the container. This design allows for easy content loading and unloading.

One-Piece Folder (OPF) Boxes

One-piece folder boxes consist of a single piece of corrugated material that is cut and scored such that it has a flat, unbroken bottom section and flaps to form the sides, ends, and top. This type of packaging forms a shallow holding area, which makes it best suited for thinner items, such as books and DVDs.

Snap Bottom Boxes

Snap bottom boxes have bottom flaps that interlock with one another to facilitate box closure without tape or glue. They can be manual locking or auto locking. They are ideal for bulky but lightweight items, such as clothes and baked goods.


There are many types of packaging trays, such as:

  • Tray Boxes: simple tray used to hold other objects
  • Pre-Glued Tray Boxes: trays with closed bottoms that are glued in the corners
  • In-Fold Trays: trays that naturally push inward, making them ideal for lids and other packaging applications that require a tight fit
  • Out-Fold Trays: trays that naturally open outward, making them an easy-load packaging option

Free-Standing Displays

Free-standing displays are ideal for showcasing products in retail settings. Since they don’t need to be placed against a wall, they give customers the ability to view products on every side of the display.

Inner Pack Pieces and Forms

There are many types of inner pack pieces and forms are available, such as partitions, shells, or pads. Depending on the type, they are used to cushion and/or separate products, reinforce a container, or fill empty space to keep products from shifting during transport.

Octagonal Containers

Octagonal containers are eight-sided boxes with separate lids. They are ideal for transporting heavy bulk products, such as liquids, produce, resins, powders, and more.

Triple-Wall Corrugated Produce Boxes

Triple-wall corrugated boxes feature a heavy-duty triple-wall design that makes them extremely strong and durable. They are often used to ship and protect goods that are heavy, large, and delicate.

Laminated Bulk Boxes

Laminated bulk boxes are designed to withstand extreme conditions. Not only are they ideal for withstanding high-temperature and high-humidity conditions, but they also exhibit high stack stability, making them durable in a variety of conditions.

Retail-Ready Packaging Solutions

Retail-ready packaging helps get products on the shelf fast. It also improves product visibility and helps drive sales.

Cardboard Partitions and Dividers

Cardboard partitions divide products packaged in containers during shipping and transportation. This helps protect products by keeping them from damaging each other.

Additional Packaging Solutions

The above list is not all-inclusive. In addition to the above, we carry many other boxes and packaging materials, including:

  • UN-DOT packaging
  • Center jointed boxes
  • Two-, three-, and four-piece boxes
  • ID boxes
  • Shipping boxes
  • Lock bottom boxes
  • Ship-ready packaging boxes
  • E-commerce boxes
  • Case bottom sealing boxes
  • Carton/case erecting boxes
  • Corrugated containerboard pallets

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At Axis, we offer more than just a wide variety of corrugated container solutions for high-volume orders. Our commitment to dynamic flexibility and quick response times are perfect for customers seeking innovative solutions on tight timelines. Additionally, we strive to provide a hands-on approach and work with the customer in mind. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your needs before we start designing solutions—we don’t take a “quote and hope” approach to our work.

Although we primarily serve the region within 150 miles of our facility in Butner, North Carolina, we are strategically positioned to meet the needs of customers at greater distances depending on a variety of factors in our supply chain. This enables us to provide corrugated solutions to customers from Texas to California to Washington.

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