Ship Long Distances with Custom Designed Meat Packaging Boxes

Whether your meat packaging boxes need to pop from behind retail refrigerators or must be efficient for further processing, you need a packaging partner with extensive food packaging experience and an understanding of retail demands and supply chain systems.

Corrugated solutions greatly protect and deliver your poultry, steak, turkey, pork, ham, and lamb products throughout storage and transportation. Not only must your meat packaging boxes be durable enough to protect the products through a long delivery, but they must also adhere to food safety and industry standards. Fortunately, unlike plastic containers, corrugated boxes are safe for food, mitigate pathogens, and even inhibit bacterial growth.

With a heightened demand for food production arises the need for packaging suppliers that can deliver products with increased efficiency — and minimal product loss. Discover how our team can help improve your processes with a free supply chain assessment.

Uncover the Best Type of Meat Packaging Box

Frozen meat products are often chilled, left at room temperature, and frozen again. To extend the longevity of your products, your packaging may be customized with extra reinforcement, insulation, airflow, and moisture barriers. From canned goods to frozen foods and other food and beverage products, your packaging should retain maximum strength — even under strenuous conditions.

At Axis, we specialize in a variety of design solutions to safeguard you from spoilage on every leg of the journey. Find everything you need from standard RSC boxes to custom food trays, containers, and more for nearly any shipping challenge. Need special functions for your meat packaging boxes? Whether they need to be leakproof or reinforced for extra stability, contact our team to learn how to keep your meat products safe.

Build a Bigger Food Brand with Printed Packaging

The benefits of corrugated containers for farmers and manufacturers in the agriculture industry go beyond logistics. High quality printed boxes allow you to use graphics to build loyal customers, generate brand awareness, and achieve your marketing objectives.

At Axis Corrugated Container, you have numerous opportunities to outshine the competition with our expert packaging design services. For high-speed production, we use flexographic printing technology, including the Martin Midline 924 4-color Flexo Folder Gluer and the 2-color 48” Langston FFG, staples in the corrugated industry.

Whether you are looking for a branded tray solution, simple colored packaging, or other custom solutions, Axis Corrugated has the capability to deliver with precision flexographic printing. Learn more about enhancing your meat packaging boxes with expert design services today.