Thinking Outside and Inside the Box: A Practical Guide to Reducing Corrugated Packaging Costs

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Reducing corrugated packaging costs is much more complex than securing the lowest quote. For one, there are likely many people in your company that have a vested interest in the product packaging.

These people include the engineer, who understands the product’s characteristics to be protected; the shipping manager, who must control costs and ensure efficiency; marketing that has concerns around brand integrity; and the buyer, who is looking to minimize spend. Looking at corrugated packaging as a system that takes a product from manufacturing and moves it through to the end-user, whether it be a consumer, business, or retailer, will provide you a better understanding of the complexities involved.

This eBook will help you to evaluate packaging holistically throughout the supply chain to find areas for cost savings while meeting the needs of all involved.

This in-depth eBook covers:

  • Factors that contribute to higher packaging costs
  • Evaluating the Packaging Supply Chain
    • Packaging design, inventory, process, palletization, and logistics

Through this e-Book, you will discover ways you can reduce your total corrugated packaging costs. Download your free copy today.

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