How Axis Can Help You Navigate the Lingering Packaging Issues in the Global Supply Chain

packaging issues in global supply chainWhile it’s often overlooked, packaging is one of the most vital components of any supply chain. Without reliable packaging, the storage, shipment, and delivery of goods become a significant challenge. However, packaging issues in the global supply chain are far from the only ones that businesses may face in the coming months. Currently, the 2024 supply chain is facing a variety of obstacles, including lingering problems due to the Covid response, geopolitical tensions, and increased regulations from governments over sustainability initiatives.

At Axis Corrugated, we can help your business navigate these challenges with sturdy, customized corrugated packaging so you can remain flexible and responsive.

Quick Turnaround on Custom Packaging

One of our key offerings at Axis Corrugated is quick turnaround on custom packaging. We maintain a large inventory of packaging materials in-stock at all times. This enables us to fulfill some orders within 24 hours, and for others, you’ll have your packaging in hand as quickly as possible.

Not only does this help you avoid some of the more common packaging issues in the global supply chain, but it also ensures a packaging solution that is flexible, adaptable, and responsive to unexpected changes in your demand. When you know you’ll have packaging on hand when you need it, you can focus on other areas of your supply chain that need your attention.

Manage Shipping Costs with Right-Size Packaging

At Axis Corrugated, we understand the importance of right-size packaging. That’s why we have a team of experienced engineers who are ready to design packaging that will fit the specific needs of your product.

Not only does this help you minimize waste inside the box (thereby bringing down total packaging costs) but it also minimizes wasted space inside shipping containers and trucks.

As the costs related to shipping and transportation continue to rise, particularly with the expected departure of truck drivers, reducing costs and optimizing your packaging for shipment will become increasingly important. On top of this, maximizing your transportation efficiency with custom-designed packaging can support you in your efforts to adhere to the ever-tightening regulations around emissions and sustainability.

Stay Agile with JIT Shipping and VMI Programs

With JIT shipping and VMI programs at Axis Corrugated, you can enjoy the reliable and consistent delivery of your packaging when and where you need it. With our fleet of trucks and our highly skilled logistics partner, we’re able to coordinate with you to keep your packaging deliveries on schedule at all times.

On top of that, we also offer vendor-managed inventory (VMI) programs. By utilizing data tracking and forecasting, we can help your business respond to market trends before they happen. Both JIT shipping and VMI programs are invaluable if you want packaging solutions that stay two steps ahead of the supply chain, rather than responding to challenges after they have already come up.

Enable Easier Tracking With Custom Graphics

Finally, we also specialize in delivering custom print and graphics for all of our customers. With custom, you can include elements on your packaging that simplify tracking. This, in turn, provides you with unique insights into your supply chain so you can identify areas that require more time as well as any recurring hang-ups or obstacles.

You can also take advantage of our printing capabilities to include personalization and other elements that help you interact with your consumers on a new level.

Face Packaging Issues in the Global Supply Chain Head-On With Axis Corrugated

Axis Corrugated Container is proud to provide custom corrugated packaging solutions for businesses in North Carolina and the surrounding states. We’ve been in business since the 1980s. In that time, we’ve refined our processes and enhanced our capabilities so we can deliver the best in optimized packaging solutions.

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