A Guide to E-Flute Corrugated: What It’s Good For and When to Use It


When people think of custom business packaging, corrugated cardboard is one of the first materials that springs to mind. There’s a good reason for that. Corrugated packaging is known for being a versatile option that provides protection against the elements, ease of handling, and customizable options in equal parts. It’s also almost infinitely recyclable while being incredibly durable. That durability is thanks, in part, to the construction of corrugated cardboard, with a fluted inner board sandwiched between two smooth outer layers. It’s that fluted layer, which can range from A-flute to E-flute, that gives corrugated packaging its strength and resiliency.

In this blog, we explored the benefits of C-flute corrugated packaging. Today, let’s take a look at the benefits and uses of E-flute.

What is E-Flute Corrugated Packaging?

Within the most common flute sizes for corrugated packaging, e-flute is the smallest. Its thickness typically ranges from 1.5-1.8 mm—contrast that with A-flute, which generally comes in at 4.7-4.8 mm—and it has a fine, compact structure that results in a smoother surface compared to larger flute sizes.

Because of these characteristics, e-flute corrugated packaging is ideal for applications where space is limited or where a sleeker profile is required.

The Diverse Applications of E-Flute Corrugated Packaging

E-Flute Corrugated in Agriculture

Thanks to the lightweight but sturdy protection it provides, e-flute corrugated packaging is a good choice for fresh produce packaging. It can be used as part of your transportation packaging between farms and marketplaces or distribution centers. It’s also useful for displays at farmers’ markets and in grocery stores.

This flute size can also be used to package small plants or seedlings. It offers cushioning and ventilation that helps maintain the freshness of the plants.

Applications in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, e-flute inserts are commonly used to secure automotive parts during shipping, ensuring your parts reach their destination intact. It is also a great option if you want to put together attractive promotional kits that contain brochures, small merchandise, and other lightweight marketing collateral.

E-Flute Packaging in Retail & eCommerce

E-flute has a wide range of applications in the retail and eCommerce industries. It’s a common choice for shipping sensitive products like electronics, cosmetics, and other consumer goods due to its protection and visual appeal. It’s also well-suited for creating customizable and personalized subscription boxes.

In stores, it can also be used for point-of-purchase displays and gift packaging. When enhanced with custom print and graphics, it can be used to create cost-effective, eco-friendly presentations that pop.

Applications in the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries

Again, thanks to its versatility and lightweight protection, e-flute is also widely used in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. It’s a great option for OTC medication and can even be used in clinical trial testing kits to keep things organized and secure.

It’s also an excellent choice as supplementary packaging for medical devices to provide an additional layer of protection during transit.

The Advantages and Benefits

To bring it all together, e-flute packaging offers a range of distinct advantages, including:

  • Lightweight Protection—E-flute is the ideal choice for those looking to minimize shipping costs and reduce environmental impact. Despite its lightweight nature, it still provides sufficient protection for a variety of products, particularly those that are not overly fragile or heavy.
  • Versatility—Easy to customize, this flute size in corrugated can accommodate a diverse array of box designs and shapes, making it suitable for products with odd dimensions.
  • Smooth Printing Surface—E-flute offers the smoothest corrugated surface. As a result, it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to customize your packaging with high-quality graphics and other branded elements.
  • Space Efficiency—Because it’s lightweight and thin, it offers excellent space efficiency during transportation and storage. This packaging solution can help businesses maximize warehouse space, cut down on shipping costs, and potentially even decrease fuel consumption.

Axis Corrugated Provides E-Flute Corrugated Packaging for Your Products

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