The Versatile Uses of One Piece Folder Boxes

one piece folder boxes

Every day, millions of packages are loaded onto trucks or planes and shipped across the United States. Many of these packages come from businesses and may contain anything from delicate consumer electronics and books to pharmaceuticals and fresh produce. To successfully transport and store such a wide range of different products, you need more than the standard shipping box.  That’s where specialized packaging like one piece folder boxes come in. One piece folder boxes are one of many corrugated packaging solutions that, for the right products, provide superior protection and durability.

Inside One Piece Folder Boxes

One piece folder boxes, as the name suggests, are constructed of a single piece of corrugated material. This single piece is folded and assembled without the need for additional components, making them a great choice for businesses looking to simplify their packaging solutions.

Because folder boxes are narrow by nature (almost like an accordion file organizer) they are best suited for storing and shipping products that need to be kept flat.

Who Can Use One Piece Folder Boxes?

Despite their more specialized uses, one piece boxes are a versatile packaging solution that many industries can benefit from. For instance, one piece folder boxes have applications in retail, e-commerce, agriculture, and even the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.


In the retail sector, one piece boxes are useful for shipping apparel items such as shirts, pants, and jackets. The design of the box helps the clothing maintain its shape during transit, minimizing the risk of product damage. These types of boxes also help ensure an attractive presentation when the product arrives to the consumer—no one wants to open a box with a rumpled up shirt in the corner of an oversized box.

Other items that do well in folder boxes are flat items like notebooks, planners, books, and calendars. When put into a larger, more standard box, these products can shift and take on damage during transportation (think bent pages and crushed corners). But with one piece folder boxes and a right-size design, these items can make it their destination in as pristine a condition as when they were first packaged.


Similar to retail, nearly every e-commerce company can benefit from adopting one piece boxes as a packaging solution. Online stores that sell unique items like posters, prints, and flat artwork can use one piece folder boxes to protect their products and minimize movement during transit.

One piece folder boxes are also ideal for shipping smaller electronics accessories. For products like cases, cords, chargers, and cables, folder boxes provide a compact and secure packaging solution.


Outside of the expected uses for folder boxes, they also have some surprising applications in the agricultural industry. For instance, they can be used to ship and organize small seed packets. Not only does this provide agricultural businesses with a secure packaging solution, but because one piece folder boxes require less material than standard shipping containers, they can help cut packaging costs as well.

Researchers and nurseries can also use folder boxes to transport flat plant samples, ensuring that the delicate specimens remain intact.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Finally, one piece boxes have a lot to offer the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. One piece folding packaging solutions can be used for shipping and protecting prescription medications as well as small medical devices, tools, or components. The compact design prevents movement and product damage during transit.

Diagnostic kits with test strips, vials, and instructions may also benefit from folder-like packaging. It allows for an organized and secure fit. Similarly, laboratories may opt for one piece folder packaging to ship medical samples and specimens.

Customization Options for One Piece Folder Boxes

One piece boxes, like most other packaging solutions, can be elevated even further with customization options. Thanks to their unique design, they offer ample opportunity for branded print and graphics virtually anywhere on the box, including the flat outside panels and the inside flap.

You can even choose to take things one step further with a personalized message printed on the inside of the box, encouraging consumers to break the box down completely for recycling purposes.

And finally, while the fundamental design of one piece boxes is relatively straightforward, the right packaging partner will be able to change up elements like dimensions, angles, and even die cuts to provide you with a one piece packaging solution that fits the exact specifications of your products.

We Have One Piece Folder Boxes at Axis Corrugated

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