packaging inventory management

How JIT Shipping Can Optimize Your Packaging Inventory Management Systems

A streamlined and efficient packaging inventory management system is critical to a healthy supply chain. Having packaging on hand when you need it is essential to delivering orders on time and avoiding operational disruptions like backorders or incomplete order fulfillment. However, the cost and space needed to store a substantial inventory of packaging can become […]

How to ship electronics with the right packaging.

How to Ship Electronics in 5 Simple Steps

A great deal of care is required when you’re planning out how to ship electronics. Here are 5 steps to ensure your electronics arrive safely.

role of packaging in supply chain management

The Role of Packaging in Supply Chain Management

The role of packaging in supply chain management is critical. Expanding beyond logistical packaging design should be considered for an effective supply chain.

engineered packaging solutions

Engineered Packaging Solutions Reduce Your Total Cost

If you hadn’t considered corrugated packaging an engineered product, you may be missing out on benefits and spending more than you should be. Engineered packaging solutions work to resolve your challenges and may assist in ways you haven’t considered. From optimizing truckloads to reducing material waste, there is a solution that will bring value to […]

auto lock box

When Should You Use an Auto Lock Box?

If you are looking to maximize packaging efficiency, auto bottom boxes may be the way to go. Also known as auto bottom boxes, sealed bottom boxes, or snap lock boxes, auto lock boxes are a great solution for ​​packing, shipping, and selling. If you are looking to showcase your products in a unique way, provide […]

learn what to consider when shipping boxes in bulk

Buying Shipping Boxes in Bulk: Is it a Good Idea?

This post will discuss when buying shipping boxes in bulk is a good value. Bulk purchasing brings with it many benefits, but there are times when more isn’t better. Knowing what you need and can use will help you decide. There is an alternative to large bulk purchases that can help lower your costs. Why […]

learn about the value of custom retail boxes

Custom Retail Boxes vs. eCommerce Packaging

Unpack the difference between custom retail boxes and eCommerce packaging — you may be surprised to find the distinction. Learn more with Axis.

packaging distributors

Re-Evaluating Your Packaging Distributors and Supply Chain

Where you purchase your packaging makes a difference. More than just your materials, it impacts your warehouse operations, inventory management, and cash flow. The larger the supply chain, the more challenging controlling it becomes. While packaging distributors can efficiently provide packaging materials from hundreds of manufacturers, partnering with a local packaging supplier can help you […]