A-Flute Corrugated: What it is and When to Use It

Today, we’re continuing our exploration of the different flute sizes in corrugated with a closer look at A-flute corrugated material (you can check out our deep-dive on C-flute and E-flute, too!) But first, why does flute size matter? That’s a good question. Flute size determines a lot about your packaging solution, including strength, durability, and […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Retail Ready Packaging Design

Did you know that packaging design is a major influencer of consumer purchasing behavior? In fact, studies have found that on average, brands have about seven seconds to make a good impression before consumers will move on to other options. In supermarket and box stores, where products can number in the tens of thousands, it’s […]

right size packaging

Discover 5 Ways That Right Size Packaging Can Save You Money

Did you know that up to 11% of packages that arrive at a distribution center are damaged at some point during transit? While that might seem like a small number, it can add up to a lot if your products are also damaged in the process. This is even more likely if you’re using a […]

what is industrial packaging and consumer packaging

What is Industrial Packaging and Consumer Packaging: Differences + Similarities

  One of the greatest advantages of corrugated packaging is its versatility. No matter what market your business is in (agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical, retail, e-Commerce, etc.), chances are you rely on a corrugated packaging solution somewhere in your supply chain. The uses of corrugated even span across both the industrial and consumer sectors. However, this […]

packaging inventory management

How JIT Shipping Can Optimize Your Packaging Inventory Management Systems

A streamlined and efficient packaging inventory management system is critical to a healthy supply chain. Having packaging on hand when you need it is essential to delivering orders on time and avoiding operational disruptions like backorders or incomplete order fulfillment. However, the cost and space needed to store a substantial inventory of packaging can become […]

How to ship electronics with the right packaging.

How to Ship Electronics in 5 Simple Steps

A great deal of care is required when you’re planning out how to ship electronics. Here are 5 steps to ensure your electronics arrive safely.

role of packaging in supply chain management

The Role of Packaging in Supply Chain Management

The role of packaging in supply chain management is critical. Expanding beyond logistical packaging design should be considered for an effective supply chain.

engineered packaging solutions

Engineered Packaging Solutions Reduce Your Total Cost

If you hadn’t considered corrugated packaging an engineered product, you may be missing out on benefits and spending more than you should be. Engineered packaging solutions work to resolve your challenges and may assist in ways you haven’t considered. From optimizing truckloads to reducing material waste, there is a solution that will bring value to […]