How JIT Shipping Can Optimize Your Packaging Inventory Management Systems

packaging inventory management

A streamlined and efficient packaging inventory management system is critical to a healthy supply chain. Having packaging on hand when you need it is essential to delivering orders on time and avoiding operational disruptions like backorders or incomplete order fulfillment. However, the cost and space needed to store a substantial inventory of packaging can become overwhelming and expensive. That’s where Just-in-Time shipping comes in.

What is Just-in-Time Shipping?

Just-in-Time (JIT) shipping is a supply chain management strategy that delivers materials and products in alignment with production schedules.

Based on the idea of minimizing waste and storage needs, and increasing efficiency by only shipping materials when they are needed, JIT shipping is utilized in nearly every industry from small start-up businesses to massive international car manufacturing operations. As a result, JIT shipping has become an integral facet of the fulfillment supply chain for the vast majority of products on the market.

Because of its responsiveness and flexibility, JIT shipping is an ideal strategy to consider when optimizing your packaging inventory management systems.

JIT Shipping Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costs

With a streamlined ordering process and clear communication between you and your packaging supplier, JIT shipping can aid your business in minimizing inventory levels and reducing storage and waste costs.

By scheduling packaging deliveries on a consistent basis, your business can also reduce lead times across the supply chain, ensure on-time deliveries,  and lower the risks of backorders, dissatisfied customers, or other operational delays.

Having high-quality packaging on hand when you need it frees up resources and enables your workforce to focus on more important tasks, increasing both productivity and efficiency across your business.

Minimize Waste with JIT Shipping and an Effective Packaging Inventory Management System

When paired with other tools and strategies like analyzing customer demand patterns and monitoring inventory levels, JIT shipping supports more sustainable business models and reduces the likelihood of product obsolescence.

Some of the most common causes of packaging loss include water damage due to poorly maintained warehouses or product expiration that occurs when older packaging isn’t cycled out properly.

JIT also supports a more timely and responsive strategy in your packaging inventory management. By only ordering what you need, your business can remain flexible to changing customer needs or trends, helping you stay competitive in your market.

JIT Shipping Supports a Continuous Improvement Mindset for Your Packaging Inventory Management System

With the flexibility of JIT shipping, you can constantly perform inventory analysis, identify areas for improvement, and make changes accordingly without disrupting your supply chain.

When your business can forecast your needs for inventory, the right packaging partner will be responsive and able to meet your evolving needs without delays or operational interruptions. This means that JIT shipping supports the growth of your business in a seamless, convenient way that keeps your business running smoothly.

Choose a Reliable Packaging Partner for Your JIT Shipping Needs

JIT requires a reliable supply chain from the beginning. You want a packaging partner that can provide high-quality packaging materials, deliver on time, and that can be responsive to any changes in demand.

With our own packaging management and comprehensive shipping capabilities, Axis Corrugated Container has the packaging supply on hand to ensure that your deliveries arrive on or ahead of schedule. With robust shipping capabilities and our own fleet of trucks, we’re able to fulfill short turnarounds and special orders as needed.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can support your business with JIT shipping.