Discover 5 Ways That Right Size Packaging Can Save You Money

right size packaging
Did you know that up to 11% of packages that arrive at a distribution center are damaged at some point during transit? While that might seem like a small number, it can add up to a lot if your products are also damaged in the process. This is even more likely if you’re using a one-size-fits-all approach to your packaging solutions. Boxes that have not been designed to fit your products can result in empty spaces and the need for too many void fillers, both of which can lead to products being damaged or even broken during shipment. One way to solve this problem is through right size packaging.

Right size packaging is a solution that has been tailored to fit the specific dimensions of your product. It minimizes space inside the box and offers several other cost-saving benefits. Let’s take a look at the top 5 ways in which right size packaging can reduce costs for your business.

#1: Reduced Material Usage

One of the biggest advantages of right size packaging is the near elimination of excess material usage. By using packaging that has been designed to fit the product precisely, businesses can remove the need for extra padding and void fill materials such as inserts, bubble wrap, and air pillows. Not only does this reduce costs related directly to the materials, but it can also lower the overall weight of the package and decrease shipping costs.

Because right size packaging only uses the necessary material, it can even reduce the amount of overall material used during production. This means fewer resources are consumed, which can result in lower procurement costs, especially when purchasing in bulk.

All of this combined leads to packaging solutions that are more in line with sustainability initiatives across a range of sectors. Less material waste also contributes to lower waste management and recycling costs.

#2: Right Size Packaging Can Lower Shipping Costs

The second major cost-saving advantage of right size packaging can be found in shipping costs. Carriers often charge based on package size and weight. By minimizing the dimensions of your packaging through a right-size custom fit, businesses can lower shipping costs directly related to transporting products.

Smaller boxes also make better use of space in transportation containers, meaning businesses may be able to use fewer trips to move the same volume of goods. This leads to a number of cost-savings, including fuel consumption, wear and tear on delivery vehicles, and even reduced labor costs.

#3: Optimized Storage Space

When it comes to storage, right size packaging makes more efficient use of space in warehouses. Because the boxes don’t take up more space than is necessary, right size packaging allows businesses to store more products in the same amount of space. This maximizes the use of existing warehouse capacity without the need for expansion.

#4: Decreased Damage and Returns

Right size packaging is the ideal solution for any business looking to decrease product damage and minimize the associated returns. Right size packaging is designed to provide your products with a snug fit that reduces movement within the box and provides better protection against shocks and vibrations.

In so doing, right size packaging can significantly reduce the risk of breakage or damage during transit. This will save your business money on replacements and/or refunds, but it also decreases the administrative and logistical costs that usually come as a result of product returns. Plus, it keeps your customers satisfied and your reputation intact, both of which are invaluable no matter which industry you’re in.

#5: Improved Operational Efficiency

Finally, right size packaging can contribute significantly to improved operational efficiency across your business. It streamlines the packaging process by eliminating the need for additional materials like fillers or padding. This can lead to more standardized packaging procedures, making it easier to train employees and lowering labor costs.

Custom right-size boxes are typically faster to assemble and pack because they are designed to fit the product precisely, reducing the need for adjustments. This increased speed can lead to higher throughput and productivity.

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