When Should You Use an Auto Lock Box?

If you are looking to maximize packaging efficiency, auto bottom boxes may be the way to go.

auto lock box

Opened brown paper carton box isolated on white background. Top view.

Also known as auto bottom boxes, sealed bottom boxes, or snap lock boxes, auto lock boxes are a great solution for ​​packing, shipping, and selling. If you are looking to showcase your products in a unique way, provide added protection, or spend less time packaging, this box type may be the most convenient and cost-effective solution for you.

Custom-made from corrugated cardboard, auto lock boxes suit a number of applications including food, personal care items, cosmetics, electronics, and more. Not only are products better protected by the corrugated material, but with this unique design, they get the added protection of an auto-lock solution that prevents the box from opening. When quick setup is needed, hand-assembled auto bottom boxes may be well worth the investment over automatic packaging equipment.

Finding the right packaging design can be a challenge for any business. If you are looking to maximize packaging efficiency, the right partner can help. Discover how Axis Corrugated Container can help you fight back against supply chain delays and long lead times with JIT packaging, vendor-managed inventory solutions, no minimums, and more.

What Are Auto Bottom Boxes — And How Should I Design One?

Tuck top, full flap, and display lid auto lock boxes are all great boxing solutions that are quick to assemble. They can be designed with or without the use of glue, depending on the application. They can also be die-cut into various shapes and sizes and are particularly ideal for fragile products as they add an additional layer of protection. The auto lock feature ensures the box never opens by itself, keeping your products safe inside at all times. Once the tabs of this box are interlocked, they easily pop into shape — and are ready to use.

Rather than bottom sealing a standard box, auto bottom boxes are an innovative solution that can help you reduce tape, lower man-hours, and streamline box assembly and packaging. A cost-effective packaging solution, auto bottom boxes help you stay within budget so that you can save and spend more on displays and other promotional items. There are many design options available with the auto bottom box. Explore a few below to achieve your shipping and display goals:

Tuck Top Auto Lock Bottom Boxes

The tuck top offers classic top closure for custom packaging. When the packaging lid is closed, a flap is inserted inside the die-cut hole — resulting in a lock-and-key feature. Commonly used across the medical and cosmetic industries, the added level of protection provided with the auto bottom makes it a favorite. The tuck top is an automatic closure that remains a staple in corrugated packaging, and the go-to solution for many products and items. For an efficient, automatic closure system and added protection, this may be the box type for you.

Full Flap Auto Bottom

Packaging and safely shipping heavy-weight retail products can pose a unique challenge. The full flap auto bottom is similar to the tuck top box and can withstand heavier products. Usually pre-glued to ensure maximum stability, the bottom closure panel provides additional reinforcement.

Auto Bottom Boxes with a Display Lid

Auto bottom boxes with a display lid also remain an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver and present retail products. Ideal for retail shelves and countertop displays, this style includes a display lid that can be printed in a number of ways to feature product information, bold designs, and your brand logo. The display lid can then be folded into a double flap and tucked back into the box’s back wall. When quick setup is required, auto bottom boxes are well worth the investment.

Unfold the Best Packaging Box Style for Your Application

If you’re looking for a box that can package heavier products and is extremely fast to assemble, the auto lock bottom box may be a better design for you over a snap lock box, which can take longer to assemble. With the large number of box styles and solutions at Axis Corrugated Container, you can unfold endless customization options for your product. From corrugated trays to telescoping boxes, mailer boxes, storage bins, and beyond, we have the boxing expertise you need to grow.

Adjust box size, shape, thickness, and layout for your goal — whether it be to cut down on costs or discover new ways to improve efficiency. We can customize your packaging to meet any product, industry, retailer, or supply chain specification. Unsure of the box type that best suits your needs? Leave the technical packaging considerations to Axis Corrugated Container — so you can focus on securing customer and growth success. Let us make the best recommendation so that you can scale your business as expected.