What is the Purpose of a Telescoping Box?

A telescoping box is an ideal corrugated solution for packaging and shipping the most unwieldy objects. Consisting of a top that slides onto a bottom, telescoping boxes are the perfect choice for pipes, machinery, and appliances, among other products.

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Unique Benefits of a Telescoping Box

telescoping boxA telescoping box is ideal for oddly shaped objects as it can expand up to three times its size. With reinforced sides, these boxes are extra thick, providing more support and stacking ability for long, flat, heavy, or fragile products. Additionally, telescoping boxes are easy to customize to your specific needs, resulting in decreased fill voids and lower shipping costs.

Find the Right Telescoping Box Type

Telescoping boxes come in a few styles: full telescope half slotted, double cover, interlocking double cover, and design style. Each box has unique properties that make it suited to various uses. Let’s explore each box’s advantages and use cases to determine which is suitable for your operation.

Full Telescope Half Slotted Box

A full telescope half slotted box has a slotted top and bottom. However, sometimes these boxes may come without a lid, leaving only a slotted bottom with four sturdy sides. It’s an ideal solution for products that need a quick assessment when they reach their destination, making it a staple for fresh fruit and vegetable packages.

The full telescope half slotted box isn’t held together by flaps, meaning packagers can assemble them much more quickly than full telescope boxes. The slotted top and bottom allow for easy assembly with tape or glue. Though these boxes are more affordable to produce than other telescopic box options, they don’t provide as much protection.

Double Cover Boxes

A double cover box is a four-sided strip that, when folded, forms a tube. The tube comprises the body of the box, and two trays cover the top and bottom to encapsulate the product.

These boxes are ideal for large, bulky items that a person cannot easily lift into a fully-formed box. If you’re moving a large piece of equipment or machinery, this could be your best option. A packager would place the equipment on the first tray, then lower the four-sided strip around the appliance. Lastly, the packager drops the second tray on top and the box is ready to be shipped.

Interlocking Double Cover Boxes

An interlocking double cover box is similar to a double cover box. The only difference is this type has interlocking flanges on each tray and the tube may be banded for additional security. The interlocking flanges help hold the three pieces together.

Like double cover boxes, this style is mainly used to move large or heavy products like appliances, water heaters, vending machines, and other large equipment.

Design Style Boxes

A design style box is a partial telescope design you usually see on shoe boxes. This design is ideal when a container is made to be opened and closed repeatedly. You might consider this option for shoes, printer paper, or file folders.

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Tailor Your Telescoping Box with a Custom Fit Solution

At Axis Corrugated Container, we have years of packaging design experience, enabling us to service your unique telescoping box needs. Our fully staffed and experienced design department analyzes your needs and designs a box suited to your size and load specifications, weight, crush testing, and shipping requirements. Once we’ve created your ideal corrugated telescoping box, our graphics team can help make the design pop.

We can conceptualize and create custom graphics, produce final art, and generate prototypes, including custom profiles, slots, and die-cut features. We offer high-precision custom-printed telescoping boxes with flexographic printing. This is a versatile and economical process that achieves exact color registration. We also have litho labeling, barcoding, and preprint capabilities.

We’re always dedicated to helping you decrease your costs and shipping expenses. Our CAD and laser cut table, ISTA lab, comprehensive graphics software, and expert box designers reduce fill voids, decreasing your overall packaging costs. To learn more about our custom boxes, visit our solutions page or reach out to one of our team members.