Corrugated Produce Trays: Safely Transport Fruits, Vegetables, and More

learn about customized produce traysWhether it be for cans, jars, bottles, boxes, or fresh produce, corrugated produce trays play a key role in protecting and presenting products in any retail environment. Not only can they be designed as bulk packaging or a shelf-ready solution, but they can be customized to be stackable and enhanced to reduce spoilage and damage. If your main concern is storing food products, or ensuring they last over a long journey, there are a number of reasons why corrugated produce trays remain a great solution.

Not only can produce trays safely transport delicate items like fruits and vegetables over long distances, but with the right packaging partner you can discover how to save on shipping costs as well. With the cost of shipping containers more than tripling, and transportation costs rising, producers are being confronted with additional barriers to delivering goods. When it comes to maximizing the value of your produce trays, you’ll want to be sure to pay attention to the material you use, tray design, your primary product packaging, keep an eye on your product’s shelf-life, consider environmental conditions, and overcome distribution challenges.

Safely delivering food products doesn’t need to be a challenge with a helpful team and expertly designed produce trays. Take the first step to optimizing yours for every step of the journey with an experienced design team.

Keeping Produce Fresher For Longer, Every Step of the Way

Unlike plastic solutions, corrugated produce trays are breathable and allow for airflow that helps perishable products like apples, bananas, and peaches stay fresh for longer. While reusable plastic containers add the extra burden of needing to be cleaned between uses, corrugated produce trays are single use — eliminating the risk of transferring bacteria. They may be further customized with extra reinforcement, insulation, or moisture barriers. Additionally, corrugated board is completely recyclable, unlike its plastic counterpart, and allows you to protect the planet as you protect your produce with an eco-friendly alternative.

At Axis Corrugated Container, we specialize in a variety of innovative design solutions to safeguard your produce from spoilage and damage during every leg of the journey. Depending on your needs, produce boxes can be customized to provide additional airflow while maintaining strength. Open top trays are ideal for this, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh longer. The edges of the boxes can be scored — allowing air to circulate through the fruits and vegetables. Insulation and moisture barriers also help keep any perishable produce as fresh as possible, for as long as possible.

Customize Your Produce Tray for Supply Chain Durability

While you can always opt for a standard tray, custom designed produce trays can give your produce the upperhand in meeting your product needs and withstanding rough shipping conditions across every touchpoint. Shipping challenges vary among jarred products, packaged snacks, canned goods, and even produce like blueberries and watermelon. Whether you are shipping breakable jars, delicate produce, or solid canned products, customizing your produce trays can help prevent products from being crushed, tipping, or completely collapsing under heavy weight.

Custom solutions for produce trays include trays with lids, handles, reinforced corners, custom sizes adjusted for width, height, and length, and an adjusted flute profile, allowing enhanced or reduced durability. Our ISTA testing lab ensures packaging meets set standards. Better accommodate your size and product specifications with a custom solution.

Elevate any Grocery Display with Custom Printed Trays

If your produce needs to visually pop at any grocery store or market, custom printed produce trays are sure to not only safeguard and organize your produce, but make them appear more presentable. Whether you are looking for a branded tray solution, simple colored trays, or plain solutions, Axis Corrugated has the capability to deliver with precision flexographic printing. For auto set-up boxes and trays, our specialty folder gluer allows you to spend less time building and more time packing with packaging that sits easily on retail shelves.

Looking for Ways to Save on Shipping? Our Experts Can help

Not only should your packaging supplier help you find effective packaging solutions, but they should facilitate efficiencies throughout the supply chain. Whether it be by fighting against higher transportation costs with optimized packaging, finding ways to reduce packaging costs, or even with a personalized packaging assessment.

Lowering shipping costs is more complex than finding the lowest quote. Uncover additional factors that contribute to higher costs with an experienced partner — and evaluate your supply chain from design to inventory, processing, palletization, and distribution. Learn how to evaluate packaging holistically with our free eBook or talk directly with a packaging professional today.

Start Safely Transporting Fruits and Vegetables Today

Produce trays for club stores and discount supermarkets not only safeguard consumable goods but streamline the supply chain and effectively present them to interested customers. When it comes to overcoming supply chain challenges and delivering produce reliably, you need a resource that offers more than an average box. You need a strategic partner prepared to overcome new challenges and opportunities as they arise — one that is invested in their own innovation and growth.

Enhancing your produce trays and packaging design has never been easier with ​​top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment, efficient processes, and years of industry expertise. Connect with our team at Axis Corrugated Container today for proven solutions that maximize impact.