What are the Different Types of Corrugated Trays and When Should You Use Them?

corrugated trays

When it comes to packaging, many businesses are unaware of how many options there are or which type would be best for a specific application. Within brown box and corrugated packaging alone, there are dozens of varieties in boxes and trays, and each has unique advantages and characteristics that make them ideal for specific uses. One of the most versatile packaging solutions is corrugated trays.

Lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly, corrugated trays are a cost-effective and flexible packaging solution suitable for a wide range of uses.

Different Kinds of Corrugated Trays and When To Use Them

Tray Boxes

Simple corrugated trays are one of the more standard options. Featuring a flat bottom and flaps on the sides that fold up to create the tray walls, this type of tray is commonly used in packaging and shipping, or to hold individual items in one container.

Corrugated tray boxes provide a sturdy and protective structure for contents while allowing for easy access, and can be customized with print and graphics to enhance branding and communicate company messages.

Simple corrugated tray boxes are ideal for retail packaging, food, pharmaceuticals, beauty products, e-commerce shipping, and storage and organization.

Pre-Glued Tray Boxes

The category of corrugated trays also encompasses pre-glued tray boxes. These trays have closed bottoms that are glued in the corners during the manufacturing process, and are sometimes called self-locking trays. Without the need for additional adhesive or tape, pre-glued tray boxes can save time on assembly by eliminating the need for manual gluing or taping.

The secure closure with interlocking flaps also keeps containers intact during transit, streamlines the packaging process, reduces labor costs, and increases efficiency.

Pre-glued tray boxes are excellent options for food packaging for baked goods, fruits, and veggies; fast-moving consumer goods like cosmetics, electronics, and household items; and subscription boxes for fast and efficient assembly.

In-Fold Corrugated Trays

In-fold trays are corrugated trays that naturally push inwards, making them perfect for lids and other packaging applications that require a tight fit. Also known as telescopic trays or slide-out trays, in-fold trays consist of a base tray and separate lid for a secure and protective packaging solution.

With adjustable height to provide a snug fit for a variety of products, in-fold trays provide a unique combination of enhanced protection and reusability.

In-fold trays are good packaging options for electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops; luxury goods, high-end or delicate items like jewelry, watches, and premium cosmetics; and gift packaging for an elegant and secure presentation.

Out-Fold Trays

In contrast to in-fold trays, out-fold trays naturally open outward, making them an easy-load packaging option. With superior sturdiness and structural strength, out-fold trays are a  good choice for long-distance shipping as they are capable of withstanding the stacking and rough handling that sometimes occurs during product transportation.

Out-fold trays offer protection against impacts and vibrations, and, like other corrugated trays, can be customized in both design and graphics for a personalized touch.

Practical uses for out-fold trays include retail packaging; e-commerce shipping; industrial applications for transporting and storing components, parts, and supplies; food and beverage packaging; and moving and storage.

Roll-End Trays

Finally, roll-end trays are a packaging solution with one-piece construction and unbroken bottoms for enhanced ease of assembly. Versatile and convenient, roll-end trays can accommodate a wide variety of product sizes and requirements and offer premium accessibility with easy-to-open front panels.

Roll-end trays are quick to assemble for a streamlined packaging process and possess the structural integrity and stacking strength necessary for storage and transportation.

Roll-end trays are a great packaging solution for retail packaging for small appliances and self-care items; promotional displays in stores to showcase products while allowing easy access; subscription boxes; and gift and presentation boxes for enhanced presentation.

Find the Best Corrugated Trays For Your Needs

With a high level of versatility and nearly-endless customization options, corrugated trays are excellent packaging solutions for a range of products, purposes, and industries.

At Axis Corrugated, we pride ourselves on offering premium, tailored packaging solutions to fit your specific needs. With our customizable corrugated and brown box packaging, we offer solutions for a long list of industries including retail, pharmaceutical, and e-commerce.

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