The Versatile Uses of Custom Corrugated Containers

custom corrugated containersIn a market where your products might be competing with dozens of others for the attention of your customers, custom packaging is still one of the most effective ways of standing out. Custom packaging enables businesses to create a distinctive brand and enhance the customer experience. It’s also still the first touchpoint most customers will have with your products. When it comes to the type of packaging, custom corrugated containers are a popular choice, and for good reason. Corrugated packaging is durable, versatile, and efficient at addressing many of the challenges that businesses face with their packaging.

With that in mind, let’s dive deeper into the full potential of custom corrugated containers.

The Essentials of Custom Corrugated Containers

Custom corrugated containers are constructed of three layers of corrugated cardboard: a wavy inner layer (the corrugated medium) sandwiched between two flat outer layers (the linerboard). This layered structure is what gives corrugated boxes their strength and durability, which in turn makes corrugated packaging the go-to for nearly every industry.

Corrugated containers are also extremely customizable. They can be designed to fit the size and shape of your product for enhanced product protection and presentation. Corrugated material is also a perfect canvas for printed graphics. Phrases, messaging, and other branded elements can be added to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Diverse Applications Across Industries

Again, custom corrugated containers are a common packaging solution for nearly every industry. But to give you a better idea of the versatility of corrugated boxes, here are a few examples:

  • E-Commerce and Retail—Because custom corrugated containers can be designed to fit the specifications of various products, they’re widely used in retail and e-commerce. Corrugated containers are also effective as point-of-purchase displays and omnichannel packaging.
  • Food and Beverage—Food and beverage, particularly agricultural produce, benefit from the protection provided by corrugated packaging. Not only are corrugated boxes durable enough to offer some defense against impact and other causes of damage during shipment, but corrugated containers can also be coated to keep moisture from accumulating on the produce.
  • Electronics and Tech—With the inclusion of inserts and other packing materials, custom corrugated containers are an ideal packaging solution for sensitive electronics. Corrugated boxes can also be designed to keep components separated during shipping for an enhanced presentation during unboxing.
  • Automotive and Manufacturing—Corrugated boxes are commonly used to ship and store automotive parts, as well as manufactured components. They are a sturdy and cost-effective solution for shipping and for keeping things organized in busy shops and manufacturing plants.

Design and Branding Opportunities for Custom Corrugated Containers

Part of what makes corrugated containers so versatile is the opportunity to customize them with design and branding. There are a variety of options when it comes to this, but flexographic printing is one of the best when you need sharp, precise imagery. That, in turn, benefits your business by reinforcing brand identity and improving customer loyalty.

Finding the Right Supplier

When you’re looking to harness the full potential of custom corrugated containers, choosing the right supplier is essential. You’ll want to choose a partner with extensive experience in the packaging industry, as well as some familiarity with providing solutions to your industry.

You’ll also want to evaluate potential suppliers and their capabilities. Essential areas to look at include:

Choosing the right packaging supplier will require carefully considering your specific needs. At Axis Corrugated Container, we’re happy to help you through this process with a free packaging audit. Just reach out to get started.

Trust Axis to Deliver Your Custom Corrugated Containers

Axis Corrugated Container has been around for nearly 50 years. With our headquarters located in Butner, NC, we’re strategically located to provide custom corrugated packaging solutions to businesses in North Carolina and the surrounding states. Our team of design experts are here to help you find the exact right fit for your products, so you can store, ship, and deliver with peace of mind.

We also offer vendor-managed inventory programs and JIT-shipping for extremely responsive and adaptable packaging services.

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