5 Common Packaging Problems and the Solutions That Can Simplify Your Process

packaging problems and solutionsWhen businesses are looking for ways to make their operations more efficient and cost-effective, packaging can be one of the most easily overlooked factors. However, packaging can play a major role in things like product protection, successful transportation, and optimized space usage in warehouses and shipping containers. For that reason, identifying potential packaging problems and solutions within your business can make a big and lasting impact.

However, while packaging problems might be easy to identify, solutions that will actually address the problem can be a little trickier. The right packaging partner will be able to help with that. But for now, here are five of the most common packaging problems and solutions that your business might be experiencing.

Problem #1: Damage During Shipping

Whenever you transport a product, you run the risk of damaging your packaging or even the products inside. In fact, in e-commerce, some studies have estimated that the average package is dropped 17 times during transportation and handling. And around 34% of packaging-related returns are due to product damage.

But products can be damaged due to other factors, as well. Packaging that doesn’t adequately protect against vibration can lead to damage, particularly in more sensitive products like medical equipment and electronics. Damage can also be the result of impacts during transit or too much weight being placed on a box during container packing.

The Solution: Protective Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging is a solution that minimizes product damage during shipping through a combination of structural strength, cushioning, and protective qualities. Because of its three-layer fluted construction, corrugated packaging can provide a layer of defense against shock and impact. It can also be treated to enhance moisture resistance and maintain structural integrity. Corrugated boxes can also be designed and tested for rigidity, making them ideal for stacking and palletization.

Problem #2: Inefficient Packaging Design

Next in the list of common packaging problems and solutions is inefficient packaging design. This can lead to businesses wasting resources on solutions that have not been optimized for their needs. Packaging production that includes excess material can drive up the cost of packaging. Businesses can also suffer product loss due to a poor packaging fit.

The Solution: Customized Packaging Design

With customized packaging design, packaging experts can tailor your solutions to the specifications of your product. Right-size packaging is one of the most essential elements in reducing product damage during shipment. Corrugated boxes can also be designed to incorporate additional cushioning or to have enhanced barrier properties.

Problem #3: Sustainability Concerns

Packaging has become the focus for many companies who are looking to reduce their environmental impact, and for good reason. In 2018, packaging and containers accounted for 82.2 million tons of municipal solid waste according to the EPA. With consumers who are more dedicated than ever to purchasing from businesses that prioritize eco-friendly practices and a circular economy, most companies would benefit greatly from improving the sustainability of their packaging solutions.

The Solution: Eco-Friendly Corrugated Materials

With sustainability as a major packaging problem, solutions that incorporate eco-friendly materials are an excellent first step. Corrugated packaging is primarily made from paper which, according to some sources, is one of the most highly-recycled packaging materials available today. Producing corrugated packaging also requires less energy than many other alternatives, and can be reused for multiple purposes.

Problem #4: High Packaging Costs

When it comes to packaging problems and solutions, cost is almost always something that businesses would like to be able to cut. Higher costs in packaging can stem from a variety of factors, but most commonly result from either inefficient or inappropriate packaging materials, or labor costs associated with manual or time-consuming packaging procedures.

The Solution: Cost-Effective Corrugated Solutions

With the right packaging partner, corrugated packaging solutions can be optimized for cost-efficiency. By tailoring packaging to product specifications, corrugated boxes can help reduce the need for excess materials like fillers and cushioning. It’s also a lightweight material, which can lower costs associated with shipping and handling. Because corrugated packaging is designed for stacking and palletization, it can also maximize space efficiency in warehouses and shipping containers.

Problem #5: Poor Product Presentation

Finally, one of the more common problems with packaging is poor product presentation. Damaged packaging, products that have shifted inside the box, and ineffective use of interior space can all negatively influence customer perception of your brand.

The Solution: Customized Retail-Ready Packaging

In e-commerce and retail, product presentation is everything. Customers that are delighted by the presentation of your products will likely be more loyal to your business and more likely to recommend your products to friends and family. With customized graphics and a clean, efficient design, corrugated packaging can enhance your customers’ experience by providing thoughtful product presentation and a better overall experience.

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