Why The Online Retail Packaging Solutions You Choose Matters

online retail packaging solutionsOnline retail last year was estimated at 768 billion and is forecasted to continue growing, reaching 1.3 trillion by 2025, which will make up almost 22 percent of total retail sales in the US. With so much at stake, having an online presence has become an automatic given for brands and retailers that were once primarily brick-and-mortar. Although retailers can meet customer needs from both platforms, the packaging requirements for each may differ vastly.

Read on to learn the difference between online retail packaging solutions and those for retail stores.

Online Retail Packaging vs. In-Store Packaging

Brands in in-store environments focus on how the product is displayed and getting coveted shelf placement where consumers will be quick to spot it. Packaging plays a significant role in catching the eye of the consumer and persuading them to buy the product.

Contrast that experience to the online experience, where the primary packaging isn’t as big of an influencer. Images are typically two-dimensional, and buying decisions are often based on product reviews. In fact, 97% of consumers consult product reviews when making a purchasing decision, and 70% of consumers won’t make an online purchase without reading reviews first. If you think the packaging for online purchases is less critical because the consumer may not even see it before the purchase, look deeper.

Packaging Impacts Online Reviews

Online retail packaging’s primary purpose is to protect the product. Broken or damaged products get poor reviews. It is that simple. A quick search turns up hundreds of comments and even videos of poor packaging and damaged products. This is not what you want your customers to see. Many companies will replace damaged products, but that becomes a hassle for the consumer. If a consumer sees review after review complaining about an issue related to poor packaging, even if they state the damaged item was replaced, consumers won’t want to take the chance and will look for another seller.

Additional Roles of Ecommerce Packaging

Although protecting your product from damage during shipping is the packaging’s most critical objective, it can also play a role in branding. There is no rule that says shipping packaging must be brown and dull. Boxes can be printed outside and inside with designs, a logo, or brand colors that can create recognition and an immediate connection with your customer. Custom printing boxes may give you a competitive advantage.

The environmental impact of packaging is often a concern of consumers. Sixty-seven percent of consumers find it important that the products they buy are in recyclable packaging. Consumers feel so strongly about eco-friendly packaging that 73 percent are willing to pay more. Many large retailers have been receptive to consumer demands and have implemented packaging sustainability requirements. Since corrugated is recycled and recyclable, it is a favorable choice among consumers and retailers alike.

Costs Of Online Retail Packaging

You want to engage with your customers and keep them happy, but you also need to remain profitable. Custom packaging costs can add up if not addressed holistically. Optimizing your packaging to fit your product and reducing the materials provides value by addressing sustainability concerns (less waste and resources), increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing costs? The cost of materials decreases, and by lightening up the packaging, DIM weight is reduced, lowering shipping costs.

In addition, when you think of the total costs associated with product returns and unhappy customers, corrugated packaging is a good investment.

When You Need Online Retail Packaging Solutions, You Need Axis Corrugated

At Axis, our packaging experts will optimize your packaging to protect your product, reduce material use, minimize wasteful fill voids, and improve DIM factors, ultimately helping you reduce costs. We have a fully equipped ISTA lab to ensure your packaging can stand up to the rigors of shipping. Our pricing is competitive because we have streamlined our workflow to minimize production costs and create more efficient processing.

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