Why Corrugated Boxes Provide the Most Popular Online Retail Packaging Solutions

online retail packaging solutionsFrom groceries, clothing, and home office supplies to healthcare products and more, anything consumers could possibly need is now available on their front doorstep. As a result, many retailers are pivoting to meet customers where they’re at. With a 44% spike in consumer spending in 2020 from 2019, more online retail packaging solutions are needed than ever before.

Demand is only expected to increase by 2023, with eCommerce predicted to represent 22% of all global retail sales, growing from 19% in 2021. When meeting the increasing demand online, keep in mind that packaging is the tangible link between retailers and consumers. When considered holistically, e-retail packaging should reflect the in-store experience, and satisfy the brand, retailer, fulfillment center, and end customer with design unified in functionality and messaging.

To meet product shipping standards and rising customer expectations, corrugated boxes have been the go-to online retail packaging solution. Corrugated packaging remains the backbone of the American supply chain — packaging and transporting more than 95% of all goods consumed in North America. There are numerous reasons why corrugated boxes have been trusted for a variety of online retail packaging solutions. As a lightweight, high-quality, and durable material, corrugated cardboard offers sounder protection with endless customization opportunities for a branded experience.

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Exceed Customer Expectations with Custom Online Retail Packaging Solutions

To effectively compete in the fast-growing world of eCommerce, successful companies have a reputation for doing the basics correctly. They have their packaging strategy nailed down and know how to meet customer expectations when it matters most: at their front door. Customers notice when their boxes are too large or when their product arrives broken and unusable from rough handling. Eliminate the risk and costs associated with product damage in transit with durable, quick-to-build online retail packaging solutions that meet industry standards and customer expectations.

Tailored online retail packaging solutions may include anything from regular slotted carton (RSC) to auto-lock bottom boxes, full overlap slotted containers (FOSC), mailer boxes, snap lock bottom boxes, and more. Meet specialized eCommerce retail packaging needs with an inexpensive, lightweight shipping solution that delivers fragile and heavy items safely, nationally, and overseas.

For custom online retail packaging solutions, take advantage of customizable features from adjustable flute profiles to liners for the flexibility or durability you need to achieve the best packaging result. From everyday essentials to luxury goods, Axis Corrugated Container maintains a large inventory of corrugated boards and materials in all weights and sizes to meet your desired application.

Durable Online Retail Packaging Solutions for Reliable Protection

Ensure your boxes will hold up against the eCommerce supply chain, no matter how long or far the journey may take, with online retail packaging solutions that are designed to protect. Safeguard products against tampering and theft and secure any moving pieces with inner pack pieces and forms to prevent items from shifting. The structural design can always be adjusted from lightweight and flexible to heavyweight and durable, featuring single wall and double wall solutions in a wide variety of flute sizes.

At Axis Corrugated, quality and consistency are always guaranteed with strict ISTA compliance. We put our packaging to the test to always ensure your products are adequately protected to their final destination. In addition, consumers and online retailers alike benefit from an environmentally sustainable material that is 100% recyclable.

Build Brand Loyalty with Printed Packaging

In the world of online retail, product packaging is the new storefront and is a marketing tool in its own right. To increase brand loyalty, businesses have been building an experience customers want to return to with higher-end features including branded designs, patterns, coatings, and interior and exterior printing. As one of the most efficient and consistent tools in the market today, flexographic printing gives brands the opportunity to explore special features to increase brand recognition, encourage repeat buying, and increase sales.

Print up to 15,000 custom boxes an hour with high precision, state-of-the-art technology including the Martin Midline 924 4-color Flexo Folder Gluer, featuring die-cut and crisp printing capabilities. Additionally, tell your brand’s story and showcase detailed artwork with litho labeling, and print only what you need with preprint capabilities.

Explore Online Retail Packaging Solutions with Axis Corrugated

Create a memorable first impression with online retail packaging solutions for consumer packaged goods, electronics, clothing, food and beverages, appliances, home goods, industrial products, pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, and beyond. ​​Improve the efficiency of your supply chain, support sustainability initiatives, and impact the profitability of your business with optimized distribution across the eastern half of the United States.

Tailored online retail packaging solutions bring out the most in your brand and with a trusted growth partner, your business will have the insight it needs to reduce labor costs, material use, and costly inefficiencies while supporting your growth initiatives as your organization expands. Overcome your next eCommerce shipping challenge with online retail packaging solutions backed by years of experience delivering outstanding supply chain insight, customer service, and industry expertise.

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