What Makes Corrugated Shipping Boxes the Best Packaging Solution?

corrugated shipping boxes

Looking for a lightweight, durable, and customizable packaging solution? Axis Corrugated Container is your go-to partner for corrugated shipping boxes for applications in any industry. From consumer products to industrial, pharmaceutical, food and beverage products, and more, corrugated box manufacturers have been powering through COVID lockdowns and stay-at-home orders to keep supply chains running smoothly.

Through it all, corrugated shipping boxes continue to make it possible to deliver more products than ever before. Your deliveries face many obstacles between when they first leave the warehouse to when they reach their final destination. Fortunately, corrugated shipping boxes are designed to withstand harsh conditions like rough handling, the stacking of additional heavy containers, inconsistent transit conditions, and more. For packaging that is proven to protect, corrugated shipping boxes are ideal for sending heavy or fragile items, domestically and overseas.

Unlimited Versatility with Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Corrugated shipping boxes consist of 3 layers, a fluted corrugated sheet pressed in between two flat linerboards. The thickness of the flute and linerboards vary depending on the industry application and your specific need. Corrugated is a higher quality material compared to cardboard and is still a lightweight, and inexpensive, packaging solution that keeps shipping costs down. Custom corrugated boxes are resilient and ship heavy objects with better protection while also serving as ideal solutions for bulky products.

With the flexibility to be manufactured in numerous shapes, corrugated shipping boxes give your business more control over the unboxing experience. How your packaging arrives at the door is particularly important for e-commerce businesses that ship consumer goods. Due to its versatility, corrugated shipping boxes safely transport and distribute products across numerous industries, from time-sensitive vegetables to processed food, eCommerce, heavy industrial products, and more.

Standard and Custom Corrugated Shipping Boxes

At Axis Corrugated Container we maintain an enormous inventory of corrugated shipping boxes and materials in all weights and sizes. From regular slotted squared containers to octagonal containers for bulk ​​liquids, there are numerous design styles to choose from.

Although you could always go with the standard option, there are several features that you might like to adjust when engineering a corrugated shipping box. When shipping industrial products, you’ll find yourself in need of corrugated packaging that can withstand heavy, and fragile, items that may be oddly shaped. Discover what goes into the making of our packaging product to fit your needed application.

Uncovering The Design of Your Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Although cardboard can be used for shipping, as a heavy paper stock with only a single layer, it comes with risks as it offers little to no protection and isn’t recommended. Additionally, costs will only add up as you compensate with additional support including filler paper, foam, or bubble wrap. You’ll most commonly find cardboard applied in retail packaging.

Corrugated board, on the other hand, is a tougher grade, and is worth exploring deeper. The corrugated medium sandwiched in between the two flat sheets of fiberboard gives your packaging the rigidity it needs to hold up against pressure. When all three layers are pressed together, the multi-layer solution is much more durable than cardboard for all of your shipping necessities.
Rather than using a single-wall corrugated solution, you can opt-in for corrugated boards with more support. The double or triple wall provides an air cushion between different layers, adding a layer of safety for fragile products. You also have the option to adjust the corrugation. By adjusting the flutes, you can determine the resistance your shipping box needs depending on the five different types. The ‘C’ flute is standard, with crushing resistance and stacking strength.

Still unsure of your best packaging option? Our experts are here to help.

Trusted For Sustainable and Quality Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Quality is never in question when it comes to our corrugated shipping boxes. At our fully equipped ISTA lab, we have the capacity to check the quality of our standard and custom shipping box products at all production stages. The edge crush test (ECT) and the burst test we conduct ensure peak performance and uniformity. The Edge Crush Test measures how much stacking pressure our boxes can take, while the Burst Test checks for the internal pressure it can hold. When you need damage-resistant packaging, from internal and external factors, our corrugated shipping boxes deliver every time.

As always, our facility is fully committed to supporting environmental solutions with our sustainability program. As corrugated packaging is made mostly from trees, they are easy to recycle. Materials used in the production process including inks, scraps, and any plastics, are also recycled. ​With a commitment to package sustainability, we look forward to facilitating business growth and economic recovery in the years ahead with necessary shipping solutions.

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