What is the Difference Between Custom Industrial Packaging and Consumer Packaging?

custom industrial packagingOver the years, custom industrial packaging has increased the efficiency, cost savings, and environmental benefits for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike. Whereas consumer packaging places a premium on the product brand and marketing, industrial packaging prioritizes protection and safety for B2B shipping.

Compared to consumer packaging, industrial packaging is engineered to protect and store large quantities of a single product. It has the capacity to meet essential product demands on a larger scale when it comes to size, weight, and industry application. For heavy, bulky, and fragile industrial products commonly used in manufacturing, custom industrial packaging offers a strong, versatile, recyclable, and adjustable shipping solution.

When Custom Industrial Packaging is the Best Solution

There are many situations in which custom industrial packaging may be preferred over consumer packaging. When large quantities of machinery, factory parts, medical devices, monitors, equipment, or glass products need to be shipped, stored in warehouses, or protected, custom industrial packaging can help transport products faster, with less damage.

At Axis Corrugated container, our design team configures each packaging solution with overall costs and supply chain implications in mind. Once we assess your product and supply chain needs with an initial consultation, we put our years of experience to work, balancing your legal, international, and customer requirements to help you deliver on your promises.

Protective Custom Industrial Packaging Solutions

In some cases, it might be necessary to follow industry standards when packaging hazardous products, large quantities, or heavy items. To determine the best corrugated solution your product needs, it’s crucial to consider how long your items may sit in storage, the distance length and duration of transport, and the number of touchpoints.

Customize your industrial packaging in many ways, from adjusting the thickness of the packaging to the weight, durability, and level of security. Eliminate any time constraints you might encounter by transporting products faster, with less damage, using custom industrial packaging that gives you the logistical advantage. For heavy-duty product display boxes that need to deliver accurate and branded information, Axis Corrugated has the flexographic printing capabilities to stand out.

Triple-Wall Corrugated Boxes

Ideal for indoor storage of large, heavy, or delicate products, industrial-grade triple-wall boxes can be customized to maximize cushioning or strength. As a light-weight alternative to wooden crates, triple wall boxes weigh and cost less and are just as strong. We can create custom industrial packaging for almost any large product. Because they are so strong and durable, high-performance triple-wall boxes — ranging from pallet containers to airline containers and bulk storage bins — can be used again and again.

Octagonal Bins

Octagonal bins are one of the few specialty boxes known for storing and shipping your heaviest products ranging from powders and resins to automotive parts. This custom industrial packaging container uses less material while still delivering on exceptional stacking strength. It offers additional protection while shipping irregular-shaped products, and has the added benefit of being easily collapsible and simple to install if needed as a retail bin.

Laminated Bulk Boxes

Give your product the presentation it needs with full print by using laminated bulk boxes. For items bought in bulk, and seen by the customer, lamination is a cost-effective choice for advertising as protective packaging. Cover extreme conditions from high temperatures to humidity with a more water-proof solution without trading the impact of custom advertising. If your products are too heavy for standard shipping solutions, this versatile solution withstands warehouse conditions without sacrificing marketability.

Inner Pack Pieces and Foam

Once your product leaves the warehouse, you have no control over the conditions your product will encounter, from storage to transportation. With custom-fit inner pack pieces and foam, however, your products are further protected from accidental bumps or damage. Create a perfectly designed fit for your product with partitions, shells, or pads to separate products, reinforce your container, or fill up any remaining empty space.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Packaging Design

As an affordable, recyclable, and adjustable solution that comes in a huge variety of sizes, custom industrial packaging is designed with your quantity, industry, product, and supply chain demands in mind. At Axis Corrugated Container, our heavy-duty packaging is expertly designed with palletization and stacking pattern considerations. Whether you are shipping large quantities of hazardous materials or liquid chemicals, we’ll ensure your industrial products are properly packaged and stored for their destination and the next stage in the manufacturing process.

Streamline Shipping with Industry-Specific Packaging Solutions

At Axis Corrugated Container, our first-rate solutions span across multiple industries — no matter your specific application. We provide you with the most cost-effective and secure packaging material to ship products. By helping you consider your product’s weight, size, fragility, and other crucial factors — such as whether it rusts easily, or is a solid or liquid — we create the right custom industrial packaging for your needs.

Whether you need to ensure your products reach the next step in the manufacturing process, your food and produce remain fresh for retailers, bulk pharmaceutical products withstand harsh conditions, or eCommerce products withstand international travel and touchpoints, we reliably develop and supply heavy-duty packaging backed by tested ISTA protocols.

Ready to ship your products with confidence? Secure your supply chain now with custom industrial solutions by talking to a packaging expert today.