Types of Custom Electronic Packaging

custom electronic packaging

In today’s world, custom electronic packaging must adapt to technological advances, increasing global demand, and changing brand expectations. With more electronic products being sold online than ever before, it’s crucial to partner with a packaging company with an eCommerce background.

Shipping heavy or lightweight electronics internationally or across the United States? From standard regular slotted containers to branded eCommerce packaging, we’ll help you uncover the best type of protective packaging for your product and optimize it for your end goal. Fortunately, Axis Corrugated Container has years of experience balancing package quality and budget with streamlined supply chain solutions. Whether your current packaging system is costly, inefficient, or current graphic design is uninspiring, we’ll help you get up to speed with custom electronic packaging solutions.

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What Materials are Used for Packaging Electronics?

Although there are many materials used for packaging electronics, not all of them are recyclable, provide the same level of protection, or can be easily customized. Electronic products in particular need solutions that shield against humidity and dust with enough structural integrity to keep products safe during transportation. For items like electronics that are prone to damage or breakage, it is essential to find the right balance between protective packaging, reducing waste, and minimizing costs. It’s no secret corrugated packaging has become a staple for custom electronic packaging and helps in that regard – it is a lightweight, affordable, durable, versatile, and easily customizable shipping solution.

Even if your electronic packaging is shipped as “fragile,” that label doesn’t guarantee safe delivery. To best protect laptops, flat screens, microwave ovens, and cameras from shifting and shattering during transit, we combine corrugated packaging with lightweight anti-static inner pack pieces and foam. The multilayer structural design of corrugated boxes is ideal for outer packaging, and with branded elements, they make for appealing retail display boxes. Ultimately, your custom electronic packaging will depend on product shape, size, weight, shipping requirements, and budget.

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Tips to Package Your Electronic Devices Safely

It’s not an overstatement to say that the reputation and growth of your business rely on protective packaging. Basic parts like microchips, consumer electronics, household electronics, and complete electronic systems are fragile, and often expensive, and need custom electronic packaging to prevent them from arriving scratched, cracked, or completely shattered. Electronic packaging is uniquely known for is unique complexity, but with a few packaging tips, you’ll never face any problems in transit.

Double Packaging

One of the best tips for shipping electronics is double packing. By placing your product in tertiary packaging in addition to secondary packaging so that they do not touch, you can effectively prevent any shifting during transit. Of course, you would need to fill in any open space with additional packing material. Foam inserts are a great, lightweight, solution to fill the gap. If you can move the box without your product moving inside, your product is set for safe delivery.

Inner Pack Pieces, Forms, and Bubble Wrap

Not only are foam pieces and bubble wrap great for double packaging, but they can also be used to wrap your electronic products directly, forming a protective layer. This protective barrier can brace the edges of any components against impact and any fluctuations in temperature. Additionally, use inner pieces to your advantage by sorting any cord and wires, and wrapping them for good measure.

Can You Store Electronics Long-Term?

Although it is not advised to let electronics sit in long-term storage, there are ways to safely warehouse your electronics with custom electronic packaging that wards against rust, mold, and moisture damage. It is important to remember that anything that is left exposed is susceptible to dust. To avoid particles compromising delicate components, the best practice is to completely wrap your product.

Tertiary packaging is not only used to protect products during transit but often to secure electronic products for long-term storage. Fortunately, an additional layer of corrugated cardboard is effective at combatting humidity, but implementing a climate-controlled environment also helps store electronics long-term.

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Ship Electronic Products Reliably with Proven Packaging

Unless you have the time to face consumer complaints, negative reviews highlighting broken electronics, and countless returns, you should only ship your electronics with trusted partners. At Axis Corrugated container, our ISTA testing lab ensures packaging meets set standards across numerous industries including eCommerce and industrial products. Combined with years of packaging design experience, ​​top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment, and industry expertise, our team is ready and prepared to protect and promote your product.

Whether your top concern is minimizing waste and shipping costs, promoting your products with exceptional graphic designs, or protecting your electronics at any expense, our packaging professionals have you covered. Founded in Butner, North Carolina, Axis Corrugated Container is a proud supplier of custom electronic packaging and has smoothly shipped delicate, electronic products and components for more than 40 years.

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