The Uses and Advantages of Auto Lock Boxes

auto lock boxes

The phrase “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is commonly attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. Whether or not da Vinci ever actually said those words, the sentiment is still mostly true, even in today’s business world. In fact, when it comes to consumer preferences, some studies show that 55% of consumers are willing to pay a higher price for less complexity and 64% are more likely to recommend brands that deliver simple experiences. One way that brands can deliver more simplicity to their customers is through their packaging. Specifically, corrugated auto lock boxes are an ideal solution for those looking to keep their packaging simple and efficient.

Not only do auto lock boxes simplify the customer experience, but they also contribute to higher levels of simplicity throughout a brand’s supply chain as well. Faster assembly and packing, and easier delivery are only a few of the advantages of these boxes.

Who Can Use Auto Lock Boxes?

Also known as snap lock or auto-bottom boxes, auto lock boxes are a packaging solution that can be easily assembled without the need for tape or glue. They come in flat sheets that are pre-cut and pre-folded for ease of use. When assembled, all you need to do is push the sides together and the flaps on the bottom of the box will automatically lock in place.

The great thing about these boxes is that they’re ideally suited to nearly every industry. For instance:

E-commerceThe e-commerce industry uses auto lock boxes regularly for product protection during transit and to create simple unboxing experiences for their customers.

RetailSnap lock boxes are perfect for shelf ready displays, as they offer better product organization and presentation than some other alternatives. Snap lock boxes can also be customized for better branding and a more personalized experience.

Food and Beverage In the food and beverage industry, snap lock boxes are an attractive option due to the lack of adhesives, which can trap contaminants close to the products.

Industrial and WholesaleAuto-bottom boxes provide a cost-efficient option in the industrial and wholesale markets. The flat-pack design also helps save space in warehouses and during transportation, which can reduce shipping costs.

Why Use Auto Lock Boxes?

Other than simplicity, there are a number of other characteristics that make corrugated auto lock boxes an attractive packaging solution for a wide range of businesses, such as:

Convenience and Cost-Efficiency

Auto-bottom boxes are extremely convenient for most businesses due to the ease of assembly and sealing. Without the need for adhesives and additional packaging materials, assembly is not only faster, but generally less expensive and labor-intensive as well.

Due to the flat-pack nature of corrugated boxes, they’re also more economical to ship, as more product can be packed into a single shipment.

Branding and Customization

Like other corrugated packaging solutions, auto lock boxes are almost endlessly customizable. Graphics and text can be printed on virtually any surface (even the inside if your brand is a little more adventurous). And, these branding elements can be tailored to fit the personality, values, and needs of brands in any industry.


Corrugated boxes are also one of the most sustainable packaging solutions. Corrugated materials are extremely recyclable and reusable. Auto-bottom boxes specifically also use less material in general compared to solutions that require adhesives, which reduces their overall environmental impact.


Snap lock boxes can also provide an additional layer of security against tampering and theft. Because the top flaps typically include a tab lock mechanism which will likely show signs of damage if opened. Security tapes are also easy to use with auto lock boxes. And, through customization options, auto lock boxes can also be serialized for easier traceability. This makes it easier to track down the cause of damage or missing products if such a thing occurs.

Get Custom Auto Lock Boxes from Axis

At Axis Corrugated Container, we’re committed to finding the corrugated packaging solutions that fit your specific needs. We offer a large selection of corrugated box types, including auto lock boxes, regular slotted containers, half-slotted containers, octagonal double cover containers, and anything else you can think of. Our highly experienced design department can even custom-design your packaging solutions to satisfy more unique requirements.

We also offer custom graphics and printing services for branded packaging that can help you stand out from the competition. And, with our JIT-shipping and VMI services, you can trust us with the management of your packaging supply chain so you have your boxes when and where you need them.

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