Same-Day Delivery Brings Super Smile to Supermarket Chain

BUTNER, N.C. — Axis Corrugated Container is a nimble company, which makes it a fast-turnaround expert. A major supermarket chain came to Axis looking for a way to meet its packaging obligations without interruption. The chain needed 10,000 more regular slotted cartons than its regular supplier could deliver, and needed them right away.

To get the customer enough boxes to keep its packing line operating through the night, the Axis team pulled stock corrugated sheets from inventory and cut them down to the necessary specifications. An ample supply of sheets of various flute profiles is always on hand at the Axis facility in Butner, N.C., to accommodate emergency short runs like this one. With the clock ticking, a load of RSCs, 800 in all, was in the customer’s hands in plenty of time to greet the evening shift.

The job wouldn’t be done, however, until the remaining 9,200 shipping cartons arrived at their final destination. Axis placed a rush order for board from its supplier and got to work making more boxes for the supermarket chain. The delighted customer had the completed shipment bright and early the very next day.