Re-Evaluating Your Packaging Distributors and Supply Chain

packaging distributors

Where you purchase your packaging makes a difference. More than just your materials, it impacts your warehouse operations, inventory management, and cash flow. The larger the supply chain, the more challenging controlling it becomes. While packaging distributors can efficiently provide packaging materials from hundreds of manufacturers, partnering with a local packaging supplier can help you clear up complex logistical challenges with custom solutions.

Looking for new ways to streamline your supply chain? Explore how Axis Corrugated Container can support you with just-in-time packaging, vendor-managed inventory, and much more. If you are ready to make a change, unpack the root cause of your packaging challenges with one of our experienced specialists.

Robust and Reliable Just-In-Time Shipping

Distributors aren’t the only solution to building an uninterrupted supply chain with a reliable logistics program. At Axis Corrugated Container, we also have the logistical prowess to ensure packaging at regular intervals with just-in-time service and product delivery. Like packaging distributors, Axis helps you reduce your inventory costs, keep in line with lean manufacturing principles, and free up money and additional warehouse space. With our extensive fleet of trucks, you can benefit from greater logistics control.

Located in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, Axis Corrugated Container has a national reach providing corrugated solutions to customers from coast to coast. Looking to substantially reduce distribution time and costs? Learn more about how Axis Corrugated Container is proven to help.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Your packaging manufacturer might either manufacture your order as needed — or use a vendor-managed inventory system to maintain a specified inventory level and regularly ship an amount as needed. If you are experiencing shipping delays on your order with your current packaging distributors, this can create a negative ripple effect, frustrating customers and impacting your bottom line.

At Axis Corrugated Container, we have an enormous inventory of corrugated boards and materials and can help meet fluctuating demand. There are many untold benefits to entrusting your inventory to a proven packaging partner. Employees can be used for manufacturing or other critical areas instead of in the warehouse. Customers will have increased satisfaction knowing they will get their products on time.

No matter your supplier, building a reliable vendor relationship remains critical. With long lead times being the new norm, it is more important now than ever to communicate a need for a larger order as soon as possible.

If you need a reliable and responsive supplier, you can rest assured Axis Corrugated Container has the capability to meet demand. Curious to know what a partnership would look like? Set up a time to talk about our inventory program.

Custom Packaging Solutions That Set You Apart

Working directly with packaging manufacturers provides a host of benefits beyond eliminating the middleman. Whether you are responsible for safely shipping industrial products, everyday eCommerce products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or more, your products remain a tremendous investment. Unlike packaging distributors, manufacturers go the extra mile to make sure that custom solutions meet set quality standards consistently.

Optimize the packaging specifically for your product — with custom box types and solutions. No two brands or products are alike, and neither should their packaging be. Fortunately, corrugated packaging remains a highly versatile solution that spans industries and applications. Whether you need a better option for retail products, protection with additional materials, or packaging designed to withstand extreme conditions, our specialists can help you find innovative solutions on tight timelines.

Expert Packaging Optimization for Palletization

Most businesses fail to prioritize palletization — costing them in efficiency and hidden costs. Accurately fitting your box to your product will not only reduce material waste but will allow you to use smaller boxes — making room for additional boxes per pallet and truckload. Whether you are preparing products for storage or further distribution, keeping palletization in mind is a simple way to facilitate an efficient supply chain.

Considering that transportation costs continue to rise, proper palletization can also result in big savings long term. If your pallets are going to be stacked, be sure your packaging has the durability needed to withstand the added weight. Shipping products long distances? Your packaging should be at least twice as strong. Whether you are looking to fit more products on a pallet or looking to streamline the process with easier product loading and unloading, Axis is qualified to help.

Better Manage Shipping Costs Today with a Free Supply Chain Assessment

It can be tough to find a reliable source for packaging materials. Packaging distributors may be able to provide wholesale costs upfront, but manufacturers like Axis Corrugated Container provide industry-specific, cost-saving optimization opportunities across the supply chain. Siding with a manufacturer long-term can give your organization additional benefits — including professional support to address unexpected shipping challenges and a leg up in innovative packaging solutions.

Axis Corrugated Container is a privately held, American-owned and operated packaging supplier. If you are looking for a way to better manage shipping costs without sacrificing the convenience of just-in-time packaging, now is the time to start. Learn how you can save more with a packaging assessment or reach out to our team directly to review your current shipping challenges.