Optimizing Healthcare Packaging Solutions for Protection, Sustainability, and Cost Savings

learn more about our healthcare packagingTrustworthy healthcare packaging solutions are necessary to get lifesaving equipment, devices, and medicines to those that rely on them for diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients. These products are often delicate, expensive, and unusually shaped, requiring special care and safe delivery. Corrugated packaging is ideal for products requiring these accommodations while accommodating your cost and sustainability goals.

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How Optimized Packaging Solutions Benefit Healthcare Products

The healthcare sector is an umbrella term that encompasses the healthcare equipment and services industry group and the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and services industry groups. These groups are further broken down into smaller industries. Products that are used by any of these industries are considered healthcare products. With such a wide variety of products that could range from diagnostic equipment to temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, there is no one size fits all packaging solution. 

Optimized packaging has many benefits:

  • Offers better product protection
  • Environmentally sound
  • Saves you money

Protecting Healthcare Products

You have invested much time and money in product research, design, regulatory approvals, and manufacturing. Don’t risk the protection of your products by using ill-fitting boxes. When corrugated packaging is customized for your product, it provides better protection. 

Boxes can be customized to the dimensions needed to fit the number of products you want. One item per box will work for larger healthcare products, such as equipment. For others, like vials or consumables, you may need to protect dozens. Other times the number of products per box will depend on how many products you would like per pallet or per truckload. A corrugated designer can work with you to create boxes that meet your exact specifications. 

Optimizing your packaging for your product means it will also be designed for the conditions it may encounter. Not all products see the exact shipping, handling, and storage conditions, and the box design should reflect that. Boxes intended for cold storage or that need extra strength for pallet stacking require different design elements than cotton swabs, for example.   

The internal components of the box can be customized as well. Depending on the product and the level of protection needed, they can be made from corrugated or other materials, such as foam inserts. At Axis corrugated, our designers will ensure that your product has maximum protection using the least amount of materials. 

Meet Environmental Objectives

The environment and sustainability are hot topics, and everyone is looking for ways to be greener, including medical manufacturers. Medtech companies are looking to recycle materials in single-use products, pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to make primary packaging more sustainable, and medical device companies are designing devices with sustainability in mind

One area in which all industries of the healthcare sector can make quick sustainability advances is with their secondary or tertiary packaging. Corrugated healthcare packaging solutions can help you to meet environmental objectives. Corrugated is made from recycled material, recyclable, and in some cases, reusable. When you customize, you reduce the number of materials used and potential waste should someone not recycle. 

Making changes in healthcare packaging through optimized packaging design and the use of sustainable materials can make a substantial impact on medical waste. Lighter, smaller packaging can allow you to ship more in one truckload, reducing the overall amount of fuel needed. 

Optimized Packaging Reduces Total Costs

Why incur unnecessary costs and risks with so much already invested in your healthcare product? Packaging explicitly made to specifications for your products will better protect them, saving you the costs associated with damaged products should they be mishandled during transport. Optimized packaging can also offer materials cost savings. 

Working with a corrugated packaging manufacturer that doesn’t have minimum quantities allows you to buy fewer boxes, maximizing cash flow and reducing the likelihood of waste. Boxes lose strength the longer they sit, so using boxes purchased in large volumes months ago puts you at risk of having your boxes fail. Another downside of large volumes is that if your product changes or becomes obsolete, you are stuck with unusable boxes and have thrown money in the trash. 

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Axis Corrugated Mitigates Risks and Lowers Costs with its Healthcare Packaging Solutions

Axis Corrugated, backed by 40 years of packaging experience, is strategically positioned to meet the packaging needs of the healthcare industry. We can deliver the solutions you need, meeting the highest quality standards while meeting regulatory, costs, time, and environmental requirements. 

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