Custom Shipping Boxes and Design Solutions for eCommerce

custom shipping boxesWith expert packaging design and manufacturing solutions, Axis Corrugated Container secures your eCommerce products with durable custom shipping boxes built for your unique transportation needs. From auto-lock bottoms to regular slotted containers and more, we have the versatile packaging solutions you need to maximize efficiency, reduce packaging costs, and overcome any unexpected shipping challenge.

Whether you’re an Amazon seller, running a subscription box company, or reselling electronics on eBay, delivering the products in the condition you promised impacts your bottom line. Custom shipping boxes not only safeguard customer relationships by protecting your products but also differentiate your brand against numerous online competitors. Build a branded experience with your company’s logo and elevate the unboxing experience of your product — a key element of eCommerce marketing.

Why Custom Shipping Boxes Are Always Worthwhile

One of the most common mistakes your eCommerce business can make is selecting the wrong box structure for your packaging needs. From a practical standpoint, you want to consider packaging factors including fragility, product size, weight, assembly time, material costs, product type, and more. If your box dimensions are too large, you could be facing extra, unnecessary charges. Affordable, fast deliveries are what shoppers expect online. Custom shipping boxes are the ideal solution if your online business is looking to meet customer expectations while balancing your bottom line.

With custom shipping boxes that work for you, you can ensure your supply chain runs efficiently throughout the year, including busy holiday seasons when you are racing to keep up with demand. When facing a surge of orders, the last thing your online business needs is to be scrambling for packaging or send off products in packaging that gets destroyed in transit. Explore the eCommerce shipping solutions that best fit your product and online business.

Most Common Custom Shipping Boxes for eCommerce

Custom shipping boxes are more than a container, they add value to your product and create a memorable customer experience. The packaging solutions for your eCommerce shipping boxes may seem endless, but with a few considerations and tips from the experts, you’ll find the right supply chain and shipping solution.

Regular Slotted Containers (RSC)

Regular slotted containers (RSC) are often a primary packaging choice for food & beverage, electronics, retail items, or books. They have four flaps that meet — two short inner flaps, and two long outer flaps that can be taped closed. Its stable design, adaptability, and moisture resistance make it a great option for large orders. RSC containers use minimal cardboard and are an affordable option that gives you the flexibility to ship one item, or a few, in the same box. Available in numerous sizes, get more flexibility with custom shipping boxes by choosing the right size for your product and adjusting the design for your brand.

Full Overlap Slotted Containers (FOSC)

Full overlap slotted containers are similar to regular slotted containers, with two pairs of flaps on each end. However, in FOSCs, the long outer flaps overlap each other rather than meeting in the middle. Their design offers greater strength, making FOSCs ideal for eCommerce products with longer shipping times that need greater resistance to rough handling. The extra thickness is what protects products that need additional cushioning. Placed on its side, FOSCs have added stacking strength. Stacked on its bottom panel, fragile items and bulky items benefit from added protection.

Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes

Auto-lock bottom boxes are heavy-duty folding cartons featuring a bottom that automatically locks when the top flaps are closed, which can also easily be disassembled if needed. They are a popular solution for high-volume, lightweight items including retail products, electronics, cosmetics, and toys, and are the perfect packaging solution for bulky items. Easily customizable, they are a popular custom shipping option for retail and eCommerce products. Save your fulfillment team in assembly time with a quick packaging solution.

Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes feature a durable self-closing design primarily used for eCommerce and subscription box packaging. They are corrugated to provide protection for products and are sturdy enough to handle wear and tear to protect your products in transit. They are recommended for gift boxes, whitelabeling, promoting cosmetics, and enhancing customer engagement with branded graphics that keep customers coming back. Mailers are great custom shipping boxes that elevate your offering with a fully tailored unboxing experience that is sure to enhance brand awareness by word of mouth.

Snap Lock Bottom Box

Snap lock bottom boxes, also known as 1-2-3 bottom containers, have four flaps that are folded, locking together to form the bottom in 3 steps without tape or glue. This design offers a stronger bottom compared to the auto bottom and is ideal for shipping bulky, lightweight items, including clothing. The greatest benefits for eCommerce businesses are quick assembly and customization capabilities. The strength of the bottom can also be increased with additional support.

Our eCommerce Expertise

Whether your eCommerce business is looking for economical packaging, a quick delivery, or a safe shipping process, Axis Corrugated Container has a long history of supplying online businesses with custom shipping boxes and effective solutions for their product needs. From electronics to office supplies, home goods, and more, we have an endless range of box types, sizes, and shapes to balance protection, size, and design.

Discover your next solution with custom shipping boxes built for your brand and business with a quick call today.