Cost-Effective Packaging Design Services for Any Application

packaging design services Corrugated packaging is a material that takes your product from manufacturing to the end-user, whether it be a consumer, business, or retailer. With the right packaging design services, your custom-printed boxes will be completely personalized for your business, supply chain, and for the needs of your end consumer. From graphic to structural design suited for any industry, you need a partner that is prepared to identify opportunities to save on costs while delivering on quality every step of the way.

Endless Eye-Catching Designs with Printing Capabilities that Count

Whether you are aiming for brand differentiation, product identification, or creating an unforgettable unboxing experience, secure stylish product boxes with vibrant and colorful flexographic printing. Flexographic printing technology uses printing plates to print a single set design for all of your packaging — with each plate printing one color. Commonly used for eCommerce, retail, and industrial packaging, flexographic printing is an efficient and cost-effective process that quickly runs high-volume orders with minimal waste.

At Axis Corrugated Container, you have numerous opportunities to outshine the competition with our expert packaging design services. For high-speed production day in and day out, we use the Martin Midline 924 4-color Flexo Folder Gluer and the 2-color 48” Langston FFG — both staples in the corrugated industry. Discover notable increases in productivity and box quality with reduced costs with easily maintained and soundly designed machines. Add high-resolution images, graphics, messaging, promotions, and the colors your brand requires to impress customers and build recognition. Impress your customers with versatile flexographic printing with advice from our print specialists.

Prioritize Protection with Professional Packaging Design Services

The structural design of your packaging should be just as scrutinized as the graphic design. With the average package being dropped 17 times, you need to rest easy knowing your custom product boxes will travel well and arrive as designed. The material used in your packaging directly impacts the weight and durability and influences total cost. Often a lightweight and inexpensive alternative, 100% recycled paper boards claim the same quality as corrugated, but this is often not the case with the packaging from major regions, including China, that lack enough wood. This can result in boxes made from other kinds of pulp with much shorter fibers, impacting the durability, and depending on the product, resulting in damaged goods.

It’s best to take special care when shipping multiple items, delicate products, products with sharp edges, or fabric and rugs that need to be rolled and shipped in rectangular boxes. Poor material choices matched with poor packaging design can contribute to higher costs in returns, with eCommerce return rates already nearing 30%. At Axis Corrugated Container, our diligent packaging design services ensure your custom product boxes are built with structural integrity as well as your product and application in mind.

Expert Packaging Design Services Across Every industry

When comparing professional packaging design services, capabilities and industry experience remain top of mind. Whether you need to deliver time-sensitive medicine securely or build customer loyalty with printed eCommerce packaging, Axis Corrugated container has the industry experience you need. From agriculture to pharmaceutical, industrial, and beyond, experience the benefits of precision printing and robust design.

Packaging Design Services for eCommerce

Get the competitive advantage you need online by creating a custom unboxing experience with eCommerce packaging. From long-term cost savings to enhanced durability and brand loyalty, custom corrugated boxes offer the versatility you need for any product. Additionally, stay relevant with a lightweight, eco-friendly material that boosts your sustainability efforts and resonates with target demographics.

Packaging Design Services for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical products are expensive, delicate, time-sensitive, and must be shipped with great consideration. Instill trust within your end-user with custom printed boxes that clearly communicate product warnings, have suitable identification, and prevent mix-ups. With the right packaging design services, your container will have the proper cushioning materials, labels, and branding for pharmaceutical packaging — whether it be a liquid, ointment, or solid.

From the container to the best packaging design services, we know your industry in and out. At Axis Corrugated Container, we help you make holistic, industry-informed decisions to fully stay in compliance during every leg of your journey.

Build Better Brand Loyalty Than Ever Before

More than just a box, your packaging is your brand. Whether you are looking to personalize your unboxing experience to build a positive in-person interaction, protect your products with top-of-the-line materials, or cut down on costs with industry-informed suggestions, our packaging design services help you achieve your next goal. Bringing more than 40 years of experience to every packaging design, our team works with you to get your design right with no minimums or any additional cost or hassle.

Get the full package with Axis Corrugated Container, from an amazing customer experience with top-of-the-line printing technology, secure packaging, and specialized recommendations.

Ready to find new ways to save more with packaging design services? Connect with us to learn more about our capabilities, or set up a time to discuss your next project with our team.