Corrugated Storage Bins: Small Boxes With Boundless Possibilities

corrugated storage bins

When you have small items to store and organize, corrugated storage bins are the ideal solution. These lightweight and durable storage boxes are perfect for your warehouse, shop, office, retail, or anywhere you store small items that require easy access. Items like hardware, fittings, stationery supplies, laboratory expendables, or even cosmetics can be stored and quickly retrieved by your staff or customers when needed.

Companies that follow the 5S system as part of their lean initiatives appreciate the open style and ample space on the face of the bins for labeling the contents or for custom printing. 5S is a method that results in a clean, uncluttered, safe, and well-organized workplace. The method originated in Japan, but the five S’s translate into English as sort, set in order, shine (cleaning), standardize, and sustain. For this method, everything has a place, and its place is easily identified, which is assisted through marking and labeling. The open-style bin box provides a quick visual of the contents as well.

Using corrugated storage bins is beneficial even if you don’t follow the 5S method. Having what you need right at hand or neatly organized in your warehouse or shop floor saves time. At retail, these can be used to separate small products, like hardware and fittings, so customers can quickly find what they need.

What Industries Use Corrugated Storage Bins

Bins of various shapes and sizes are a useful tool when bulk items need to be contained and organized. Corrugated storage boxes are widely used in many industries, such as the following:

• Industrial Manufacturing
• Automotive
• Electronics
• Consumer goods manufacturing
• Tool manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical and medical
• Food Industry
• Wholesale warehouses
• Distribution centers
• Retail

Types of Corrugated Bins

Corrugated storage bins can be custom designed to fit any shelving unit or space or to fit any unique need you may have. There are a few standard types of bins, but the beauty of customization is that variations can usually be accommodated.

Open-top bins – Just as it sounds, open-top bin boxes are five-sided boxes that are fully open on the top, allowing you complete access to the products inside. The side on the front of the box will be shorter, with adjoining sides angled to meet its height. These boxes may be used as display shelves or on retail counters.

Corrugated warehouse rack bins – these open-top rectangular boxes have three sides that are the same height, and the fourth can be shorter or absent for access. These are intended to be used on warehouse shelves.

Stackable bins – These strong bins are partially closed on top so multiple boxes can be stacked on top of each other. The front is open for easy access. These are sued for storage

Benefits of Custom Corrugated Storage Bins

Product or part storage, organization, and display are the primary reasons companies use corrugated storage bins. Using the boxes creates a more efficient workspace, which allows increased throughput and cost savings. Customization of the bin extends the options available to you and provides additional benefits.

Variable sizing – Large or small, short and tall, rectangular or square, corrugated bins can be sized to your exact specifications. This allows you to fit them to specific shelving units or displays or to precisely fit a specific number of items.

Space saving – Corrugated storage bins shine as a premier solution when space is at a premium. They are designed to have little to no horizontal or vertical space around the boxes. You get maximum shelf space utilization when placed side-by-side or stacked on a shelf. Plastic bins can have lips on the edges and create wasted space when placed side by side.

Versatile – Corrugated is one of the most versatile materials for any type of box or container. Dividers or inserts can be added to produce additional separation of parts without needing additional bins. Bins can also be manufactured with kraft line (brown), mottled white, or coated to protect against grease and moisture.

Easy Assembly – The bins can be designed to be stored flat and assembled in seconds. For this type of bin, there is no tape, staples, or glue required. No staples mean your product won’t accidentally get scratched if a staple comes loose.

Custom Printing – Fully customize your corrugated storage bins with flexographic printing. Identify parts with drawings, include relevant information, or create space for specific information to be entered, such as dates for first-in-first-out storage methods. Having your logo printed on the box is a nice touch that keeps your brand top of mind.

Eco-friendly – Corrugated bins are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bins. Corrugated is made from recycled material and is recyclable. When purchased from a reputable vendor, they will use paper from sources that promote sustainable forestry processes, making it a renewable resource.

Get Corrugated Storage Bins From a Company You Can Trust

Customized corrugated storage bins can help you to organize, store and display items providing efficient operations, clean work areas, and quick identification of and access to products. Axis Corrugated Container can ensure you receive the highest quality bins available. The quality of every product we design and manufacture is controlled at every stage of the process because quality and value are important to us.

We can design and manufacture your corrugated bins to your exact specifications. Need dividers? No problem? Need an odd shape or size? No problem. Every order you receive will be just as you expect it to be.

Your custom graphics will be printed using high-precision flexographic printing, the most common corrugated printing method. Flexo provides exact color registration and beautiful print. Plus, it is one of the most versatile and economical print processes available.

We don’t stop at designing, manufacturing, and printing your corrugated storage bins; we look for ways to deliver you the most economical solution. We have streamlined our job workflows to offer shorter lead times and just-in-time delivery, all designed to reduce your total costs.

Talk to our experts today for a quote and a discussion about your corrugated storage box needs.