Corrugated Manufacturing and Industrial Packaging Supplies

industrial packaging supplies

Axis Corrugated Container delivers tailored industrial packaging supplies and solutions that decrease overall carton costs, reduce fill voids, and optimize packaging design. Our products are used throughout many industries, including manufacturing and industrial applications. Corrugated containers from Axis are specially designed to protect many types of industrial components as they are stored or transported.

Why Are Protective Industrial Packaging Supplies Crucial?

Reliable protective packaging is essential for products in any industry. However, they are particularly critical in manufacturing and industrial environments. Industrial packaging is specially designed to protect challenging and sensitive components, typically in large quantities. Industrial packaging supplies or manufacturing-related corrugated products are heavy-duty and highly versatile. They store and protect anything from food to hazardous waste.

Packaging for these industries must typically meet certain health and safety requirements and reliably protect products from contamination or damage during transportation and storage. Additionally, advertising and branding are also important factors for industrial packaging.

Corrugated Boxes for Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

The industrial and manufacturing industries use corrugated packaging solutions in many ways. Highly diverse products, some of which contain sensitive and delicate components, all need to be packaged in a way that protects them from damage. Some typical applications for corrugated boxes throughout these industries include:

  • Large, bulky industrial components
  • Heavy metallic parts
  • Sensitive electronics
  • Lighting equipment

Packaging in a varied selection of shapes and sizes is needed to meet these requirements. Additionally, industrial environments sometimes involve exposure to challenging environmental conditions. High temperatures, humidity, and withstanding the weight of being stacked in a warehouse are all factors that need to be addressed when finding suitable industrial packaging supplies and solutions for these disparate industries.

Axis Corrugated Container stocks an extensive selection of corrugated products that meet all of the demands of these challenging trades.

Corrugated Boxes From Axis

At Axis Corrugated Container, our goal is to meet all of our customer’s container needs. To achieve this, we carry a comprehensive selection of industrial and manufacturing application-specific products. In addition to supplying these solutions, we also evaluate and refine our customer’s current industrial packaging supplies to develop customized products that are more efficient and economical.

Some of our corrugated container products particularly well suited to industrial and manufacturing applications include:

Regular slotted containers: Strong, pliable, and moisture-resistant, these containers are highly versatile and are ideal for transportation.

Full overlap slotted containers: These strong and durable containers are intended for applications requiring enhanced cushioning and protection.

Telescope-type boxes: An excellent solution for tall, large, or heavy items, these boxes consist of two separate components that fit snugly on top of one another for increased strength.

Five-panel folder boxes: These boxes allow contents to be loaded and unloaded with ease and are cut from a single piece of corrugated material.

Triple-wall corrugated produce boxes: Extremely strong and durable, these products protect heavy, large, or highly delicate components.

Laminated bulk boxes: Built to endure the most extreme conditions, these boxes withstand high temperatures and humidity and stack well.

At Axis, we subject our corrugated boxes and cartons to a number of tests to ensure they are durable enough to endure any level of strain they might experience during shipping, stacking, and storage. Our products undergo evaluations such as edge-crust testing and burst testing and are also built to comply with all relevant industry or application-specific standards. Our industrial packaging supplies are available in several government-approved grades to reliably meet the needs of the most difficult applications.

Axis: Reliable Manufacturing and Industrial Packaging Supplies for Challenging Applications

The industrial and manufacturing industries rely on many types of corrugated products to safely store and transport contents ranging from heavy-duty in nature to highly sensitive. Axis Corrugated Container custom engineers a large selection of corrugated products to meet these specific needs. Our extensive selection of industrial packaging supplies the most complex demands of industrial applications. When personalized solutions are needed, our engineering team conceptualizes, creates, and tests custom-designed containers.

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