Axis Corrugated Container Named Manufacturer/Distributor for Lifdek Containerboard Pallets

Lifdek Containerboard Pallets

BUTNER, North Carolina — Axis Corrugated Container, a leading manufacturer of custom and specialty corrugated packaging, is pleased to announce a manufacturing and distributing agreement with Lifdek Corporation, an innovator in pallet technology. As a licensed manufacturer and distributor, Axis can produce and ship Lifdek’s revolutionary site-assembled Lifdek containerboard pallets to customers in the Southeast at a fraction of the cost of timber pallets.

“We are excited to become part of this unique network of eco-friendly pallet manufacturers and distributors,” said Scott Russell, president of Axis. “Lifdek has engineered a unique, low-cost, high-performance pallet. Axis is dedicated to providing customers with flexible corrugated solutions that meet their needs for performance, sustainability and cost-efficiency. At the same time, ventures of this sort reflect the company’s expansion beyond the ‘box-buying’ market we currently serve.”

Lifdek pallets perform like wood pallets, yet they are cleaner, safer and more sustainable than wood systems,” added Russell. “Our existing and new customers can save time and money by taking advantage of Lifdek’s durable, lightweight pallets and Axis’ production capacity, fast turnarounds and short shipping distances. Plus the environmental advantages of these pallets fulfill our commitment to sustainable business practices.”

Lifdek Manufacturer

Based in Melbourne, Florida, Lifdek offers on-demand containerboard pallets designed to be assembled by hand or by machine at the point of use. Lifdek pallets are capable of handling fast-moving, high-volume static load configurations up to and exceeding 2000 pounds.

The pallets consist of die-cut top and bottom pallet blanks that Axis produces at its Butner plant. The tops and bottoms are shipped knocked-down flat ready to assemble, making them easier to transport, handle and store until needed. A typical cargo-carrying semitrailer holds 2,520 Lifdek pallets, more than four times as many as manufacturers of wood pallets can ship by the same method.

Lifdek pallets fold together quickly on Lifdek assembly tables or Lifdek assembly machines at the user site without the application of adhesives or staples. Two assemblers can put together one pallet a minute on the Lifdek assembly table. The Lifdek machine can assemble a pallet in just under 60 seconds with a single operator.

“Lifdek set out to develop the best possible containerboard pallets featuring the necessary load capacity, lowest amount of board and easiest onsite assembly,” said Joseph Danko, the company’s president. “We believe that our cost-effective business model of utilizing the infrastructure of corrugators that produce boxes to produce our die-cut top and bottom pallet blanks will encourage widespread adoption of corrugated pallets. The Lifdek system is a logistics cost-savings solution.”

About Lifdek Corporation

Lifdek is a developer of corrugated pallet technology that enables companies to reduce their logistics costs and pallet-related liabilities. Lifdek pallets can be uniquely and completely assembled onsite prior to use. The patent-pending pallets are available worldwide.