Why Axis?

Corrugated Boxes in NC


Axis is a hands-on company that promises and delivers personalized customer service. We don’t just supply corrugated boxes in NC. We work as your partner to give you tailor-made packaging solutions.

We know the business and can help you make the right material choices. The Axis team has the expertise and creativity to make your ideas a reality. One part science, one part imagination, Axis corrugated packaging solutions will leave you 100 percent thrilled with the results.

On the surface, it’s tough to tell one brand of corrugated container from another. A box is a box, right? Wrong. We believe the process behind the box makes a difference. Stringent manufacturing controls allow Axis to deliver flawless, defect-free boxes. Every board is glued, folded and printed properly. Computer-aided design technology enables our designers to produce accurate and realistic images of products to be manufactured.

Customer value comes in many forms. Our management’s commitment to customer service leads to higher value creation. A veteran team of expert box makers brings the “whole package” solution to an ever-widening product range. Value-priced boxes reduce your operating costs without scrimping on quality. Large inventory and bulk purchase quantities also create customer value.

What’s more, the high-end appearance of direct color printing increases the value of your products.

How do you measure performance? Quality, delivery, costs? Yes, absolutely. But additionally, we conduct rigorous testing in complete compliance with the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), of which Axis is a proud member. Our Design & Testing Lab is ISTA certified to test packaging for integrity, strength and physical stresses, such as drops, compression and transport vibration. You can trust Axis to perform.