Experience Unparalleled Production and Management Support

Ensuring your distribution process runs quickly and efficiently is at the heart of any packaging and distribution center. With the right packaging and distribution support, your customers benefit from increased productivity, redistribution center’s workflow. Poorly designed tertiary packaging could have a domino effect on daily options — making packaging more labor-intensive and resulting in product duced material waste, reduced damage, and ultimately timely deliveries.

At Axis Corrugated Container, we understand that packaging plays a vital role in a distribution center operations. That’s why we go out of our way to provide the custom boxing and printing solutions that have the best impact on your bottom line. If you are looking to minimize risk while distributing products across the U.S, connect with us forpackaging services and box types to ensure success.

Overcome Supply Chain Challenges with a Proven Partner

Optimized packaging is one way to streamline the distribution process and reduce labor costs — one of the highest costs of any distribution center. Custom packaging and distribution solutions significantly reduce assembly and packing time, increasing employee productivity and efficiency. Packaging that makes processing problematic, doesn’t maintain well during storage, or is otherwise poorly designed can lead to setbacks, delays, and errors and drive up labor costs.

At Axis Corrugated Container, we work with distribution centers to understand their products, logistical requirements, and timelines to better satisfy the end customer. Our clients have a lot to say when it comes to our support of local distribution centers:

“Being one of fastest growing manufacturing and distribution centers in the Triad area, we could not have accomplished what we have without the great production and management support and prompt deliveries from Axis. Their quality and pricing are outstanding for this region…” — Tony P., Supply Chain

Stand-Out Quality, Unbeatable Pricing

With top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment and ISTA-tested packaging, you can feel confident that our team can provide the professional support your products need. From Triple-Wall Corrugated Produce Boxes to Half Slotted Containers, Full Overlap Slotted Containers, custom Inner Pack Pieces and Forms, and more, there are numerous effective ways to streamline the distribution products and secure products no matter the journey ahead.

Advanced Packaging and Distribution Center Solutions

Accurately meeting packaging specifications become even more critical for distribution center operations that have incorporated more automated systems and solutions. For robotic systems that rely on weight, size, and on the location of graphic designs, our manufacturing process is up to speed to help you accurately fill orders.

Located in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, Axis Corrugated Container is strategically positioned to serve distribution centers across the United States. Whether you continue to improve the performance of your center or are looking for new ways to improve efficiency, our packaging and distribution center support will ensure you can keep up with increasing demand.

When standard packaging isn’t enough, turn to Axis Corrugated Container for robust supply chain solutions that positively impact your bottom line.