Streamline Packaging and Shipping with a Quality Packaging Store in Durham, NC

Durham, North Carolina continues to spur innovation, drive economic development and empower local businesses, large and small, in the Research Triangle region. Home to more than 170 high-tech companies, there is no question why CNBC has named North Carolina as America’s top state for business. From manufacturing to clean energy, new technology, and beyond, if you are one of the many businesses growing roots in the region, Axis Corrugated Container is here to help. You can always count on our reliable packaging store in Durham, NC to meet your package needs and industry expectations.

As a dependable logistics partner, our packaging experts help you find the right box type for any application. Whether you need regular slotted containers for strength and moisture resistance, auto-lock bottom boxes to save on shipping space and costs, or solutions for smooth loading and unloading, our experts are here to help. Unpack a few potential box types for your next shipment, or reach out to our team directly to ensure your products arrive as intended. With over 40 years of shipping and packaging experience, we have what it takes to help you overcome any industry challenge.

Gain Brand Recognition with Quality Graphics and Print

Achieve bold brand designs on every package for less with expert print support. Whether you are looking to save on costs with a minimalist design, or to ‘wow’ customers at their front door with a one-of-a-kind experience, we are here to communicate your story with professional flexographic print. With this versatile process you’ll gain confidence from our exact color registration, and benefit from additional capabilities including litho labeling, barcoding and preprint solutions.

40+ Years of Packaging Expertise

Absolute quality, value, and enhanced packaging performance are the pillars of our team at Axis. For high-performing solutions, experience complete satisfaction with our recommendations.

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Limitless Display Options

Our enhanced print technology and die-cut capabilities enable us to produce up to 15,000 boxes per hour. If you can picture it, we can deliver.

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Reduce Costs

With a complementary packaging assessment, our team will walk you through key recommendations to reduce shipping costs, and make the most of lightweight and inexpensive solutions.

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Eliminate Costly Inefficiencies in Durham, North Carolina with Personalized Packaging Solutions

We understand that small inefficiencies add up. That’s why at Axis Corrugated Container we go beyond packaging solutions to overcome supply chain challenges and streamline your process. Our production process not only ensures short turnarounds with our inventory solutions, but our quality and consistency make production planning a breeze.

While many other suppliers require order minimums, Axis is able to support medium-sized businesses with added flexibility. Unlike other corrugated packaging suppliers, Axis Corrugated excels at reducing total costs through shorter lead times, no minimums, and comprehensive packaging assessments.

Durable Packaging Solutions for Demanding Applications

Axis Corrugated Container ensures fast-growing companies in North Carolina pack and ship their products quickly and securely. Connect with us today to optimize your packaging today.