Experience a Competitive Edge with Local Butner Packaging

With a range of businesses from commercial to industrial and small businesses, Butner, North Carolina has demonstrated growth and commitment to economic planning, partnering, and progress. With close proximity to the Research Triangle, one of the most economically competitive locations in the world, it maintains its modern charm and quality of life by having direct access to major markets. A leader in research and development, life science, technology, healthcare, and manufacturing, Butner has long outgrown its agricultural roots to become a renowned industrial and distribution center.

Located in Butner, North Carolina, Axis Corrugated container is uniquely qualified to support local businesses — and growth for incoming organizations. Whether your shipping challenges involve electronic components, healthcare equipment and pharmaceuticals, or agricultural products, Axis Corrugated Container is ready to support Butner with packaging solutions that meet modern concerns. Whether you are primarily looking to address rising shipping costs or improve sustainability by reducing supply waste, our team will help you reach your goals by reducing overhead costs, improving packaging design, and optimizing your supply chain.

Turn To Local Support For Quality Butner Packaging

Your product may face many touchpoints before it hits store shelves — from packaging design to palletization, warehousing, loading, shipping long distances, and unloading. With cost investments at stake, why trust anyone else but a local packaging provider for your supply chain solutions? With over 40 years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and streamlined logistics solutions, our team at Axis Corrugated Container has extensive experience with growing industries. From IT and technology to aviation and clean energy, we are committed to taking your packaging performance to new heights.

Durable Packaging

Ensure your packaging material, structure, and shape are the right choice to safely transport your product based on its fragility, time-sensitivity, weight, and more.

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Eliminate Waste and Unnecessary Costs

Our packaging experts work with you to erase costs from every angle — like improving your box design to reduce the amount of packaging supplies you need.

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Recyclable Retail Packaging Supplies

Support environmental initiatives — and send a positive message to customers — by making the most of custom-sized, recyclable packaging materials.

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Rapidly Reduce Inefficiencies with Improved Packaging Solutions

With a national reach ranging from Texas to California and the Pacific Northwest, and an extensive fleet of trucks, Axis Corrugated Container has what it takes to be a dependable partner. While other suppliers require order minimums and struggle with long lead times, we are able to beat industry norms with exceptional service. Discover new ways to reduce inefficiencies — and save on costs — with a free packaging assessment. From inventory management to maximizing pallet yield, there are a number of ways to stay ahead of the competition to better serve your customers.

Quality Packaging and Pricing Starts with Axis Corrugated Container

For both quality and pricing that leads this region, start with local Butner packaging built to meet local industry needs. Axis Corrugated Container is proud to grow our operations out of Butner, North Carolina, and support other rising industries. For shipping support in the Research Triangle region, connect with us on your packaging today.