Four Corrugated Advantages That Can Add to Your Bottom Line

If you ship a lot of products, the cost of packaging can quickly add up. In cost-sensitive industries, every little bit of savings or cost avoidance helps, and corrugated board may be the packaging material that helps you become more competitive. Multiple case studies from the Fibre Box Association support this, repeatedly demonstrating that corrugated […]

Everything You Need to Know About Corrugated Boxes

Many people use the terms “cardboard box” and “corrugated box” interchangeably. However, the two actually refer to different types of containers. The experts at Axis Corrugated Container—a premier supplier of corrugated product solutions—have put together the following guide to explain the differences between cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes to help readers understand which one is […]

3 Ways Custom Corrugated Packaging Can Save You Money

Many buy off-the-shelf or generic boxes, thinking they are less expensive than custom corrugated packaging. But the reality is, these types of corrugated boxes might be costing them more in the long run. Corrugated packaging’s primary duty is to protect your product from damage during shipping and handling, but it doesn’t stop there. Proper packaging […]

What Are Long Lead Times Costing You?

In 1988 George Stalk coined the term ‘time-based competition’ in his Harvard Business Review article “Time—The Next Source of Competitive Advantage.” The premise of this strategy is that companies that meet the needs of their customers and respond to market changes faster have a competitive advantage in the market. More than 30 years later, the […]

Is Your Corrugated Stored Correctly?

Moisture and heat are the two environmental factors that can create the most trouble for corrugated. Warehouses are seldom climate-controlled. As temperatures rise and fall throughout the day, the humidity in the warehouse or even the trailer can fluctuate widely. Changing seasons can have an impact, too.  In arid and humid climates, the relative humidity […]

How Can a Packaging Assessment Save Me Money?

You stick your product in a brown box, stuff in some bubble wrap, tape it up, and you’re good to go, right? Not so fast. If this is your method for packaging your product, you could be costing yourself more than you realize.   A packaging assessment can reveal the opportunities where changes could save you […]

Is Your Corrugated Supplier the Right Type For Your Needs?

The raw materials used to manufacture corrugated board come from cellulose fiber from wood. The corrugated is processed into boxes, which are used to hold and protect products. However, not all boxes are created equal, and the best value for you will and where you ultimately purchase your boxes depends on your needs. There are […]

Many Companies Miss This Key Method For Saving Money On Packaging

Product packaging is the often underappreciated hero of the product life cycle. Without proper packaging, most products would never make it safely through transit to the end user. But when it comes to sourcing packaging, some companies look for the lowest unit price. We support not wanting to overpay for packaging, but many fail to […]