What You Need to Know About Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes

Custom printed corrugated boxes might sound like an extravagance, but competition is fierce in many industries, and standing out among all the brown boxes may provide a competitive advantage. Whether you need e-commerce packaging, produce boxes, or industrial shipping boxes, printing the box creates a professional appearance and increases brand equity. Benefits of Custom Printed […]

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Why Corrugated Boxes Provide the Most Popular Online Retail Packaging Solutions

From groceries, clothing, and home office supplies to healthcare products and more, anything consumers could possibly need is now available on their front doorstep. As a result, many retailers are pivoting to meet customers where they’re at. With a 44% spike in consumer spending in 2020 from 2019, more online retail packaging solutions are needed […]

What is Corrugated Cardboard?

With the uptick of online shopping, it’s nearly impossible to go through one day without seeing the iconic brown shipping box. The shipping box material is often referred to colloquially as cardboard, though it’s a misnomer. But what is corrugated cardboard? First, we should point out that cardboard is an incorrect term for shipping boxes. […]

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What Makes Corrugated Shipping Boxes the Best Packaging Solution?

Looking for a lightweight, durable, and customizable packaging solution? Axis Corrugated Container is your go-to partner for corrugated shipping boxes for applications in any industry. From consumer products to industrial, pharmaceutical, food and beverage products, and more, corrugated box manufacturers have been powering through COVID lockdowns and stay-at-home orders to keep supply chains running smoothly. […]

Explore the Value of Customized Food Containers for Produce

You rely on containers to transport and protect your agricultural products, so why not use customized food containers? As a packer, grower, or processor of fresh fruits and vegetables, you understand the industry challenges and requirements of the FDA for safe packaging and transportation of your produce. However, your produce containers can be compliant and […]

Custom Shipping Boxes and Design Solutions for eCommerce

With expert packaging design and manufacturing solutions, Axis Corrugated Container secures your eCommerce products with durable custom shipping boxes built for your unique transportation needs. From auto-lock bottoms to regular slotted containers and more, we have the versatile packaging solutions you need to maximize efficiency, reduce packaging costs, and overcome any unexpected shipping challenge. Whether […]

The Value of Just-in-Time Packaging

Having packaging available when you need it is, of course, critical to the sale of goods. One way to ensure you have the corrugated packaging you need is through just-in-time packaging inventory management. Just-in-time (JIT) inventory management is an inventory control strategy that syncs material orders with production or delivery schedules so that you only […]

For the 16th Year, Axis Corrugated Container Sponsors Walk For Hope

Axis Corrugated Container, as part of the Casson family of companies, is proud to announce it is a host sponsor for The Walk for Hope once again. The event raises funds to support groundbreaking mental health research and mental health initiatives. On Sunday, October 10, 2021, the event takes place at The Angus Barn in […]

Fighting Back Against Long Lead Times, Minimum Orders, and Rising Costs

The pandemic wreaked havoc on supply chains across the globe – creating long lead times or reducing supplies. Many paper manufacturers pivoted to create corrugated as the demand for e-commerce packaging exploded. Increased demand is one of the drivers for price increases that have been seen recently. Even still, there are constraints within the supply […]